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I’m nursing a bad foot so I will make it short today. I have always been a Phaeton fan especially the Deuce Phaeton. I have owned three Wescott Phaetons and loved every one of them. Jane doesn’t care for them as they are really breezy going down the road. I have been seeing a lot of interest in Phaetons lately and maybe we will see more in the future. I know, I just did a feature a couple of weeks ago but I seem to have Phaetons on the brain today. Gibbons and Wescott both made Phaetons in the past and I’m not sure if they are still many people purchasing glass bodies but steel ones are available if you hunt for them. Too me, they are a change and provide more leg room for us taller fellows. Besides I think they need to put Deuce roadsters on birth control pills. But that is just me.

Here are some Phaetons for you look through and think about — should want something different.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget the candy and flowers for your sweetie!


Stay Tooned!



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A perfect 1000 point Phaeton at Dearborn a few years ago.


Al and Judy Miller were enjoying the GG cruise last year. The Phaeton provides more leg room with the seat set back.


Paul added fenders to his real deal Phaeton. He does drive his cars around LA to the events.


I have shown this one many times as I love the profile.


Jim Smith of Hot Rod Garage drives this neat Phaeton.


I know the story behind this one and the original owner died but the car was finished by one of my customers.


A tub is not the easiest thing to sell. The car has been for sale for many years and hasn’t been sold.


The Deuce Guy is building his hiboy for this summer and it looks great.


Bob Drake’s original Phaeton is still looking good.


Lokar built this show winner in a very traditional style. RJ feature car.

shop stuff 029

Gary built this one in the 80’s and it still looks brand new. Set back front seat (3″) fits me just fine.


I saw this Phaeton at the LARS a few years ago. I like hiboy Phaetons.


Boyd built his version of the tudor Phaeton and I fell in love.

Model 40 Phaetons


The 33 is my favorite with the slim grill and slanted hood louvers.

nojoqui falla 2013 015

Fat Jack built this 33 years ago and it still looks good.


Another 33 that was popular a few years ago and showed up at the LARS.


A well traveled 33 is often seen at the shows.


I love this 33 with just the right “Stuff” No frills but really cool looking and fun.


I haven’t seen this one lately but the chopped top made it really look good.

Pueblo NSRA 264

My friend Dave has put thousands of miles on his Phaeton during his ownership. Used to belong to Neal East.


Boyd built this Thom Taylor designed tudor Phaeton and won the AMBR for Larry Murray.

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  1. Have you been able to fire the engine in Pepe yet or has your foot problem kept you out of the shop?

  2. Have you been able to fire the engine in Pepe yet or has our foot problem kept you out of the shop?

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