Tuesday’s Junkyard

We have have a new place for our Tuesday luncheons and it is appropriately called the Junkyard.  We have been going to Toppers for many years and thought we would try something different for a change.  The restaurant is full of automotive and vintage parts which makes the setting perfect.  There is plenty of safe parking for all of our Hot Rods and the menu should satisfy all appetites.  Bob and I tried out the place last week and the food was really good.  They serve large portions which is what old guys need who don’t like to cook their own dinner.  The white take home boxes keep well until the evening meal.

The stock plunge of yesterday caused a lot of conversation this morning but since this is the second time in three years we decided to focus on our projects not our loss of wealth.  I am not sure I am going to live long enough to enjoy a good economy but I hope so.  I picked up the rest of my engine parts from the NAPA store and I am ready to go to work on Lucy today.  I am getting excited about maybe hearing the roadster run after all these years.  If you focus things seem to get accomplished.

I am off to the Junkyard to see what the mood is today.

Stay Tooned!


I am not normally a fan of two tone pickups but this 41 was really a quality piece.

David and his dad made it to Louisville and the QC noise problem was solved by shimming the rear spur gears so they did not walk into the back of the case.  Winters gave them the shim kit which was really nice.

I like to look at Canepa’s site for his latest inventory.  This Deuce is very unique in design compared to the normal ones you see.

The exposed cockpit with Sid’s upholstery really allows the observer to view the workings of a well constructed hiboy roadster.

A photo of the trunk areas shows the widened wheel wells and the tubing bracing to make the body real rigid.

The dash is very plain and detailed with custom metal work everywhere you look.

Bruce also has one of the Bedford Forties in his inventory.  I can’t keep track of all of Tim’s builds but this is a nice one with a great stance.

Here is the French block flathead in one of Nick’s Woodies.  Note water flow tubes from the heads.

Somewhere in AK a garage is full of flathead parts and engines.  He used to be my neighbor in Laguna Niguel years ago.

Today’s three window….dreaming!

From the central coast is this little sweetheart.  Note side steering.  As Rod Stewart sings “Some guys have all the luck.”

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