Tuesday’s Junkyard

Very hot today so we all decided to go to the Junkyard for lunch.  We had a good turnout and listened to Bob O’s stories concerning his trip to B’ville.  He indicated the weather was very hot and after two days he was ready to come home.  Lots of great cars at the hotel and people from all over the world were in attendance.  I have this on my bucket list for next year but I would have to fly to SLC and drive from SLC to the event.  I saved the date.

After lunch, we did a little bench racing in the parking lot and talked about our next ride.  Dave has found a sedan delivery he is thinking about buying and I have located another 40 coupe.  Remember, this is bench racing so nothing will ever come of the desires but talking is sure fun.  I brought the leftovers to the wife and she was happy.  I hope to finish the fuel line installation today.

The end of the month brings lots of car activities to the CA area.  Pebble Beach in Monterey for the rich and famous, Goodguys P-Town for everyone who loves cars and the Bay area, the Primer Nationals and the OC Great Labor Day Cruise to name a few.  I hope to take in as many as my old body will allow me.

Stay Tooned!


This is the Junkyard restaurant in Simi Valley.  Great slogan and great food.

Lots of great parking for the “Lunch Bunch”.  Very hot today so the BS took place inside not in the parking lot.

Here is the black Aeroquip hose Orme Bros sold me for the fuel line.  Neat stuff and very safe.

The first fuel line from the pump to the fuel filter is complete.  I am waiting for parts for the next leg.  My fuel pump has a 3/8 inverted flare which allows for a easy connection without an elbow.

I love this photo from Steve.  You can drive all day in one of these coupes and still party at the Casino’s at night.  Note front wheel fender height.  No hub caps indicate ready to race in my book.

Frantic and Chuck put together this rust free cruiser a few years ago and it goes down the road like a new Cadillac.

John has some of the nicest rides in LA.  He has owned this one for many years and I love the stance and Royal Maroon wheels.

A very nice rendition of a 34 hiboy roadster from Rory.

A Hemi powered 47 Woody is not your normal powerplant for one of the lumber wagons but this one is special.

Thanks to Dave I located the alternator bracket I like.  Total Performance has them available through Speedway.

The Guide 682-C headlights are going to be out of style by the time I start driving Lucy.  I still like the look.

The same car had a shortened rear pan which I sort of like.  Maybe some louvers would cut down the bulkiness.

I think the Airstream looks a little large for the cabriolet but it sure makes a cute picture.

Where do I park?  Parking at Roy’s Shop Party is limited even if you are driving a roadster.

Today’s 5 window …..dreaming!

I must admit I still like the Halibrand wheels on hot rods.  This little coupe was on the point at Roy’s a few years ago.

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