Tuesday’s Habit

Since everyone is talking about the change the world is going through I thought we should move our regular scheduled Tuesday meeting to the Habit, which is a great hamburger joint in town.  I am not sure if this will remain a” habit” but I am going to try it today.  We are back in the gloom and doom days which are usually not here until June.  Motivation is hard on non-sun shiny days but I am still fired up on completing the top structure for Lucy.  I should be able to finish welding the tubing today.  I plan to have Alan look at the structure and tell me what more I would need to do to have him install the top material.  The only  decision I have to make is what color should the top be.  I have always liked a black top as it does not show the dirt like a white or tan one does.  I hate these tough decisions.  The wife likes black with a black car and tan interior.  She is always right!

We talked at the Office this morning about NSRA’s Bakersfield event coming up at the end of the month and the consensus was that we were all going and would go up and back in the same day.  This is an easy drive and you can spend the whole day looking at cars and be home in bed by 8:00 pm.  I made this event several times when Joe was still alive but I have not attended the last couple of years.  I am planning on attending this year as a spectator and passenger.  We need to support these events or they will go away.  I say that with a slight tongue in cheek attitude as the new Hot August Nights in Long Beach has a $150 entry fee.  I don’t think I can justify that but I am sure their costs are enormous.  I was a major sponsor in Reno for several years with our GM dealer advertising group and the crowds were huge.

Stay Tooned!


Here is great photo from the overhead walk of the Doheny Woody show this past weekend.  Warm weather and a sandy beach brings out most of the Woodies in the LA area.  Read more about it on the HAMB.

I am not sure why this one is on a trailer as most people drive them to the event.  I hope he didn’t have any problems with the flatmotor.  I don’t see any for sale sign either but it looks like a nice woody.

Bob has come across another nice 40 convertible that is up for sale.  The car looks stock on the outside but has a full independent suspension hiding underneath.  The color is a little dark for Folkstone gray but I like it with the carmel interior.

You can see how detailed the chassis is in this photo.  Note this is a Convertible frame with holes in the x member.  Trucks, Sedan deliveries, Woodies and Convertibles all had this frame.

The rear end is a Jaguar and fully detailed.  I know they ride nice as I had one in my 34 sedan, but now the trend is the Heidts or Kugel suspension.  I would install a nine inch on parallel leaf springs and sell the rear end to Bob.  Note how clean the rear panel and gas tank are.  Lots of work has been done on this beauty.

Here is another maroon tudor that was up for sale a while back.  A black plate car with a rust free body and would have needed very little to make it a great driver.

Bobby’s shop is full of metalworking tools that he uses daily to restore some of his customer’s projects.  You can eat off the floors in this shop.

Another black tudor showed up later at the open house and I never saw it again that day.  Forty sedans are very popular with the older crowd and the grandkids can ride in the huge back seat to the show.

B&E can do anything you want and this 1940 Ford brake assembly is just one example of their detail work on a chassis.

The 348 Hugger Orange engine was freshly painted and ready to be installed in a 1958 Chevy convertible that is “Super Black”.  More later on this one.

Today’s Four Door….dreaming!

Jon has a truly magnificent Deuce 4 door sedan hiboy powered by an Ardun.

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