Tuesday’s Habit

The Habit turned out to be a very noisy place but the food was good.  Maybe next week we can eat outside on the patio and keep the noise level down.  I brought some new books I received from Tom at Crown Printing that were a big hit.  The Throttle Merchants have two volumes so far and they both feature great photography and cars as well as some LA builders.  The third book was a story about Mickey Thompson’s life of speed.  Gale Banks has a display at the NHRA Museum where the book is available.  I have an extensive library of hot rod books and these will add to my collection.  Thanks Tom for the books.

The main discussion today was centered on Bakersfield this weekend.  Most people are going up Saturday and staying all night.  Due to my current back problem I will have to pass on the event and hear about it from our “Office” crowd.  I think they should have a good turnout this year and very hot weather.  The event usually attracts nearly 2000 cars and is held in a good venue.  The heat can be a problem so drink plenty of water this weekend.  You roadster guys won’t need the heater unless you come home late at night over the grapevine.

I am going back out in the garage and dream a little today…. I know of a very nice 40 convertible that may be for sale in the near future.  Yes, I know stay focused!

Stay Tooned!


This is shot of Tom’s roadster the first day it arrived in the sunny southland.  The car was not equipped with a top or supports for the top.  Bill and Neil Gates made up the required parts to install a beautiful top, oak bows and stainless irons.

Gary had installed a new Glide seat with fresh upholstery and my first impression driving this car was that it must have and IFS due to the great ride.  No way, it has an axle and a 4-bar suspension.  When you remove the rear package tray you have plenty of room for your legs even if you are over 6 feet tall.

The roadster has all original sheet metal including the dash attached to the Gibbon body.  The hood and grille are to die for…Perfect!  The heater will keep the wife warm on the way home when you go over the Grapevine.  She might even snuggle up close to you like in the old days.  Now your’e talking!

I love this heater in the 34 roadster show here.  Heaters are the rage right now and have become pricey lately.

I don’t know if a heater will do you any good in these big windy tubs, but I sure love the look of a model 40 phaeton.  Washington Blue, with Tacoma Cream wire wheels make it stand out in the crowd.

This is a photo at LaPalma Park in Anaheim.  I love to stand in the grass and take photos as the cars arrive.  This was taken at 40 Ford day in June.

Yes, it is hard to see when backing up the roadster with the top up.

Mo would have loved to  been at Pebble Beach to see his nicely restored roadster from the 40’s.  The Stirneman brothers in St. Louis did the restoration on this famous roadster.

I did pull out Lucy yesterday for a quick photo prior to removing the top structure.  I planned on a black paint job but maybe maroon would look better.

Today’s 1940 Ford Convertible….dreaming!

Jim built this beauty from a pile of parts found in the desert.  It was featured in Rod & Custom and was selected as a top 100 pick.  Note how nice the top has been reshaped.  The bows needs to be lowered a little.  Tim did his like this on his CMG beauty a few years ago.

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