Tuesday’s Decisions

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend and are ready for the fall to begin. I always looked at Labor Day as the end of summer and start of the beautiful fall months. In LA, we still have several car events to attend this year and the wife and I need to decide which ones to attend.

For example, over the weekend we headed for Malibu for a $5 buck ice cream cone and some beautiful ocean scenery. Thousands of people crammed the beaches and the parties were in full swing for the rich and famous. Some of the house parties were playing loud music and their occupants having a fabulous time dancing the day away. We quickly recalled our good times at the Malibu Woody Christmas parade which is the last event of the year for us. We are really blessed with some great driving events for the balance of the year.

September is also work on the house month so updates on Andre and my woody search will be limited. The installation of the engine is next.

Stay Tooned!


My wife loves Malibu as I do and we always enjoy our cruise along the 27 miles of beautiful beaches.

Here is a mega million home right on the ocean. The people loved the sight of Curvy peeking down on the party.

I was a couple of days late for this Craigslist buy of the year. A complete, less wood, 47 woody for $2800 was sold in the Santa Barbara area a couple of weeks ago. I would have loved to been there first. Yes, that is right $2,800.

Another Craigslist find was this mint Deuce sedan at Walden’s Speed shop. The price was $14.5 without the chassis. Not bad if you want a Deuce you must pay the price.

My friend Andy in Atlanta builds some nice forties. This is his latest sedan. The exterior is Vineyard Green and the interior is a Cinnamon color. Note Southwind heater under A/C.

Andy used a kit from Hot Rods by Dean to make his flip up grille. This is a perfect place for the vent and controls. The instrument panel has been redone by Redline Gauges.

Frank stopped by in his new 39 convert. My photo doesn’t show the true Folkstone Gray color but it is really quite tan and looks very nice with the red steelies and the white wall tires.

The rear looks good and remember this one has a rumble seat for the grandkids. Frank is keeping this one. We will see. Bob Monroe built this beauty in Northern California.

Brian traded his cherry pie 40 sedan for this 46 delivery and is loving it. I have never seen the car but if it is like the rest of his builds it is right on the money. Flathead powered like his 40 sedan. How is the coupe coming along?

My 46 (Sunshine) had the two stock tail lights also. I recall buying them at the Long Beach Swap Meet for $300. These are very rare but were required in WA.

Today’s wire wheel covers!

The Lyon wheel covers have become pricey but they sure look good. Steve is looking for a set if anyone has some they want to sell.

This set looks different but I think they are the same set. I think you can make a set out of aluminum and paint them. Fat lip with a machined center for a Deuce cap. Go for it Steve.

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