Traditional Hot Rods are “Still the One”

The 66th GNRS is in the books as well as the 40 is 75 display. Both events proved the traditional style hot rod is still alive and doing well. The record number of contenders were mostly very traditional style rods with professional attention to detail and craftsmanship. I selected the car that I wanted to win and for the first time — it won the title. Bobby Alloway’s built 33 roadster with buggy springs front and rear took home the gold. Nothing new in style but perfection in every detail made it the judges favorite. He has long been known for perfect black paint, flames and mega engines but this one was the at the pinnacle of his career. Congratulations on winning the AMBR trophy.

The 40 is 75 display was also a popular area for spectators. Henry’s Forty Ford is still a favorite of many old timers and the display was filled with some excellent examples of street driven forties. Rod Shows presented each participant with a nice metal sign to hang in our garages and Monnich Embroidery supplied some stunning CMG hats for several of the entries. We had a long weekend but all went well and we were out of the building by 7:00 pm. Thanks to Rod Shows for allowing the event — it will be remembered for a long time.

The number of vendors seemed to be larger than in the past and offered some really innovative parts for those who like to build there own. UPI had some new Deuce pickup parts such as doors, fenders and grille shells. Now you should be able to complete that truck project of yours without searching all over for these scarce items. My friend from Michigan was able to purchase a brand new Moon tank for his pickup directly from Moon. He was surprised that they would build him one. Again, traditional style cars require traditional style parts and the vendors offered many styles. Brookville sold all of there bodies and coupes they brought to the show and promised to bring even more for the LARS in June.

I am tired today, but the effort was worth it. I would like to thank the many of you who stopped by and introduced yourself to me. I enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to seeing you in June. More photos of the show this week.

Stay Tooned!



Congratulations to Bobby and Larry for winning the AMBR during the 66th show. An all metal roadster with stretched doors and chassis was gleaming in black and yellow perfect paint. Dropped axle, buggy springs, quick change and mega power let everyone know that traditional style cars are “Still the Ones” for some of us hot rodders.


Bobby used a Hemi rather than his normal BBC for the power.


Ryan and Brian picked up a first place in the highly competitive altered street coupe class. Congratulations to the both of them. This is a steel car that started life as a hiboy with Roy Fjastad several years ago. A lumpy 427 powers the little coupe.


Pepe and McCoy had front line exposure in the 40 is 75 display. Richard Munz now owns the historic coupe.


We had four rows of 1940 Fords for all to view. Coupes were the most popular but we had examples of every model stock and modified for all to inspect and admire.


The long line and waiting provided lots of time to view the wonderful cars being entered in the show. Here Larry is talking to Frank from Jersey about his super strong Deuce. A 5 inch chop provided the look as did the flawless black paint and period parts. Pepe was in good company.


The Ray Basso roadster with the Riley overhead conversion was a crowd favorite also.


I have not seen many of these heads but they sure make the engine detail stand out.


A fully restored original Ford Motor Co. display chassis was in our area and provided a look of how the components looked on the inside. This was chassis number one built for the 1939 Worlds Fair.


The entire chassis was a piece of art and showed in detail the workings of a 1940 Ford.


I feel in love with these SW hub caps on the Austin Speed Shop roadster. I have never seen at set of these previously.


Several pepele thought his 36 should have been the winner but it was not to be this year.


My friend Steve was near the top in the winners circle with his beautiful RPU. He picked up awards for best detail and best display and a couple of others. Nice job Steve!


HHR entry was another favorite that had a shot a the big award. Lots of unique features in the build including 33 style doors and swivel seats for easy entry.


Moal built Deuce four-door was in contention for the Slonaker award. Perfect black paint and Sid’s interior along with many modifications made it a top candidate.


John’s Brizio built Deuce was another favorite of mine. Cadillac powered with a full Cadillac theme interior was truly unique.


I also loved the Nickel 3 car from Mike’s shop in OR. The top is stainless steel with a polished reveal.


The outside display on Saturday was huge. These two long time hot rodders provided the perfect picture opportunity for traditional cars. Terry’s 51 Mercury and Kyle’s Deuce tells the story better than words.

Suede Palace Pair


Bill had two patina coupes in the Suede Palace and sold the CMG one on Friday. He plans to keep the black one for awhile.

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  1. Hello Lynn, thank you for the coverage of the GNRS from snowy, 10* Pittsburgh, PA. I am currently building a 32 highboy (older Wescott body) and am building in a traditional style. Thanks again, Dale Brown

  2. Thank you Lynn, your coverage of the GNRS from a 40 Ford perspective is absolutely fantastic. I am pleased with the AMBR winner but somewhat surprised considering such intense and radical competition. The judges decision speaks volumes to traditional rods.

  3. Hej Lynn
    I am a 39/40 Ford Nut.
    Is there a Web Site that shows more of the 40 Ford’s at the GNRS.
    I could not attend because of Knee injury.
    My 39 was ready to take me.

    Be Well


  4. Hi Lynn, Frank Brown and I talked to the Custom Auto crew that built the Riley ’32 Roadster. Seems that there were only four sets of those heads manufactured. Don Orosco has 1 set, Speedway Bill has a set , and the 3rd on this beautiful original car. The forth set hasn’t been located. What a great show and pleased that you had your delivery on display. Ron

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