Tradition Lives On!

I won’t go into a definition of the “Traditional Style” roadster as everyone has a different view of what traditional means.  Traditional style is the style that seems to be strong for this year’s GNRS. I’m sure that past couple of years winners have influenced the customers who have the financial wherewithal to have a contender built by the pros! And I am in love with Traditional Style Hot Rods of all makes and models. I can lean toward the current fad for a spell, but always seem to come back to my youth builds when building a Hot Rod for myself. I make concessions for safety and repo parts but try to keep the style all in the same era. I admire the builder who uses all old Ford parts and a simplified approach to building a Traditional Hot Rod. One of my heroes during my early years was Pete Eastwood. He could build a Deuce with mostly original parts that he modified to work. Stock throttle pedals and linkage, adapted junk yard parts and numerous home made parts. After all isn’t that how we all started in this hobby. Parts were not available off the shelf  and we couldn’t afford them if they were.

The anticipation of the display of Traditional roadsters and customs at this years GNRS should be numerous but only a few will stand out in our minds. Each of us will pick a different build that we fall in love with and wait until Sunday night to hear the winner. I have picked the last two winners and hope to be lucky again this year. The roadster will always be a favorite of mine. How about you? Come on out to the Fairplex and pick your favorite roadster or custom.

Stay Tooned!



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Jim always builds tradition style roadsters and Hot Rods.


Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory is entering this cute 29 roadster with a banger motor in the GNRS this year.


You might recall his entry in the 2014 GNRS. Terry knows traditional style roadsters.


Talk about traditional, here is the frame prior to dropping the body atop the stock chassis.

roadster 005

Terry and Dave’s daily driver is very traditional looking roadster.


My personal Traditional style is shown in this old photo. Note the Moon disc.


I do love the 29 on Deuce rails like this one and it’s pure tradition at its best.


This could have been Cal’s salesman selling Grandma a Deuce roadster off the lot in the 60’s.


The Austin Speed Shop has been showing their entry on the HAMB and promises to be stiff competition for the traditional style roadsters in contention.


Im not sure if this one every was finished but it should be in bldg. 4.


The Suede Palace will be filled with some tasty roadsters that we can relate to.


A young man and his roadster depicts the traditional roadster of my era.


Yes, the Phaeton was popular back in the 50’s also. Not sure if we will see any this year, but I hope so.


More Suede Palace style roadsters will please the crowds.


Mo Morrison’s restored beauty was featured a few years ago. This is the real deal.


Mo’s roadster was also displayed at Pebble Beach.


Bass builds traditional roadsters also and drives them on the Hill Climb.


The custom look is coming back and brings back memories to me of my youth.

0810rc_01_z 1936_ford_roadster front_passenger_view

Several have been built in this traditional but more modern style.

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