Touring the Back Roads

The Back Road Boys hit the highway for some winding roads and beautiful scenery. We had not been on the back roads since the fires and were happy to see all the rain has helped in turning the landscape green again. Evidence of burned trees was everywhere and will take years to replant and grow back. We had 20 cars and 30 people for the adventure and enjoyed the hospitality of the Cold Springs Tavern staff. The food and service were excellent and the camaraderie was outstanding. The tavern is an old Stage Coach stop from the 1800’s.

After lunch, we kicked a few tires and then headed home with a stop in Carpinteria for some ice cream. The weather turned cold along the Pacific so we rolled up the windows and turned on the heat in Bob’s sedan. The traffic was horrible but we didn’t mind as we talked about the day’s adventure and what a great time we all had. Enjoying life with your friends who love Hot Rods is hard to beat for a day’s activity.

My hand is still healing so no work on the cars for a week or so more.

Stay Tooned!



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BRB visit to the Cold Springs Tavern.

Early morning line up at our starting point. McDonalds for coffee and Walt for donuts.

Our tour guide Dick and Myron braving the chilly morning air. Both in their 80’s!

The back roads were busy with road repair so we had a line up at some points.

No windows Dave braved the cold canyon drive but warmed up later.

Our roadster friends came down to join us for lunch. The weather was perfect at noon time.

Nothing driving your roadster in nice weather to a historical venue in the mountains.

Steve had his new roadster with Boyd chassis, Wescott body and Bop Top at the Tavern.

Jane and I rode with Bob in his new 40 sedan he just finished. What a great riding car with IFS and parallel leafs in the rear.

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