Toppers Tusday

I woke up early today and looked outside to see the beautiful sunshine that Southern California is famous for. I knew I had therapy today, and a list of honey dos from the wife. I also knew that I needed to get my brakes finished for the roadster. Priorities are important and the brakes were first on the list. I quickly got dressed, helped the wife get ready for work and then headed to Donny’s with the brakes. Upon arrival at the shop, I noticed two sedans parked in the driveway. I have always been a fan of 39/40 Ford sedans, so I took some pictures for today’s Blog. After I dropped off the brakes, I headed for the Donut shop where two more 40 Fords, a coupe and a pickup were parked. Today is definitely 40 Ford day. Simi Valley has a lot of 40 Fords parked in garages. Many old timers have kept their high school cars and are starting to put them back on the road. Here are some pictures.

On a sad note, I am sure most of you know that Lil John Buttera passed away this weekend. A pure Genius and way ahead of the curve. I am sure he will be putting some new designs on the gates when he arrives. Keep them in sight John.

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!



A 39 and 40 parked at Dream Cars. Looks like they are in for some work. Donnie built both of these cars.


Rear view of sedans. These cars have lots of room and a big back seat. Do you remember Drive In Movie Theaters?


This is a 1939 4 door sedan. Notice the difference, grilles, windshield frame, etc.


This is a 1940 Tudor sedan. Note the very fine looking Deluxe grille and hood fit on this car. Rare for a 40.


Ken’s 40 coupe at the Donut Shop. He likes the old school, real old look. He put in a 348 with a BM Hydro. Remember those?


Ken’s well kept interior. I think I was a little neater than this in high school. Where would you put your girlfriend?


Bobo’s chopped 40 pickup. This is a cool ride, Flatty, Columbia, car dash, Tonneau cover…..etc.


Perfect chop by Scotts. Three and one half inches keeping the same taper.



41 delivery on the way home from Toppers. I go by once a week to make sure it is still there. He is going to fix it up some day. It has been in the same spot for 12 years. Never moved.


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