Toppers Tuesday – Woodies

I have not talked much about Woodies on this site other than show a few from friends of mine who own them. When I retired I purchased a real nice rust free 46 Woody from a friend in Napa. Jane and I love to go to the Woody meets and decided we should have one. That dream lasted until my back surgery and I sold it along with all the rest of my cars to my good friends Bob and Bill. I have done some dumb things in the past, but selling the cars was at the top of the list.

Woodies values reached and all time high a few years ago and have decreased in value due to the demand and economy. The cars still command a fairly hefty sum of money to acquire. I received a photo of a 1940 Ford from a viewer and he is thinking about purchasing one to keep. The price is currently $120k which seems high considering the car, but forties are one of the most sought after woodies. Woodies USA always has a good supply of Woodies in stock so I look at their site to determine current “asking price”.

Whatever you do if you want a Woody, wait for the deal as there will be some really good deals next year. If you buy it right, a Woody is better than any stock you could purchase. You can have fun with the car, meet a lot of nice people and not have to worry about the value dropping completely out of site. You can’t drive a share of stock.

Lets look at some Woodies.

Stay Tooned!



Nice 1940 Woody hot rod with a good body and chassis. Current price is $120K. I say $90K max in this market.


My old 46 restored a couple of years ago. Price of restoration was about $60K. The car cost $50 to purchase.


A friends very nice, Best of Show at Wavecrest, 1947 Woody. All stock and fully restored. He purchased car for $25K a few years ago in Pleasanton. This is the one to own for an investment.


Prolific Woody builder from Nor Cal owns this beautiful 40 Woody Hot Rod. Rumor is that he is asking $200K+.


1938 Woody at BM show. For sale for $85K. Just an O.K. car.


Nice 50 Woody at CCC this spring. LS6 power and very detailed.



40 pickup from the past. Downtown LA. Thanks, John.

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