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Busy day yesterday so I will bring you up to date today. Bonneville was the discussion and 3 of our “lunch bunch” are heading out for Speed Week this Friday. I wish I could go but riding that far in a car is not doable yet. I have never been but always enjoy the pictures people send me. My friend, George, sent some pictures from his trip to the salt several years ago. I hope you will enjoy them.

I will be short today as I am going to pick up my new project.

Stay tooned!


Bonneville Speed Week


Yes, the cars do have accidents. I don’t know the details but it looks like a tire blew at an excessive speed.


Tom holds the record in his class. Justin does the driving now. Tom is the engineer and pit boss. That is Gary holding the beer.


This is Toms new car for a customer. Should go over 250 mph. Justin will drive. Good luck and drive safely.


Plenty of street driven cars at B’ville. This is Steve and his crew last year. They often drive on to the GG event in P-Town.


Nice 34 C-400 at the salt. I remember this car from years ago. Denver based.


This is the shot of a liftime taken by George. Doane and the Clone I call it.


Dave built this and hooked up with Neal at B’Ville.


Beautifully crafted top out of steel. Doane has a top but you rarely see it installed. Dave is from Ohio and it rains back there.


How about the belly pans on the clone. Note Deuce K-member.

Todays ride….please select one from the cars below.


Take your pick from the Pikes Peak cars.

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