Topper’s Tuesday Late

The sun was shinning and I knew it was going to be a great day for a roadster ride. What I didn’t know was that Bobo would be at the office (Donut Shop) in his roadster. I was not feeling the greatest but some how a ride in the roadster seemed like the right thing to do. I grabbed my camera and we headed to Pomona at 80 mph. Bobo has a 3 inch chopped windshield on his roadster so my head sticks above the windshield about 6 inches. I now know the meaning of bugs in you mouth. We struck out at Lynn’s Place and the Kennedy’s so we went to SO-CAL Speed Shop and looked around. We didn’t see any cars, so we headed for the Mexican restaurant hoping to find some of the gang. No luck. The lunch was great and we headed back toward Pasadena, again at 80 mph. I did learn that you cannot make a cell phone call from a roadster on the freeway. Bob needed gas, so we pulled off and I made arrangements for us to view Bob’s car collection. Bobo loves 40 coupes and Bob has lots of them. We spent an hour or so viewing the cars and ended up home late in the afternoon. I felt much better and had a great day in a roadster. Thanks Bobo.

Not many pictures today. Too busy having fun. My head is sunburned as I have no hair.

Stay Tooned.



Picture of snow covered mountains and 70 degree weather in Pomona….going 80 mph.


Arrival at Lynn’s no one home. Roadster looks good.


Rear view of hiboy resting for the next leg of trip. Bobo calling Lynn and Joe.


Here is the correct way to install irons on a roadster. Real deal with the correct pre-war top.


Prior to the Deuce, Bobo had a 29 Hiboy. My frined BO purchased the car and restored it to the condition you see here. Car is now back with builder Warren.


Robert’s wife 34 sedan with hammered roof.



Sometimes you just have to trailer these cars around to the various shops. This is the “Kids” very nice coupe.

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