Toppers Tuesday

Toppers was quiet today so I had a quick lunch of pizza and salad then headed back home to work on the painting job. No, I am still painting the house windows. My wife had just opened the mail and to my surprise was a disc with several pictures of the Northwest Deuce Days in Victoria, BC. George did a great job of capturing his trip. I am very envious of him and hope I can do this trip the next time. I will feature the event over the rest of the week.

Stay Tooned!


The trip all started from Redding with over a 100 cars in attendance. This is a partial view of the cars. The red deuce 3 window is Georges.

I can imagine walking the hotel parking lot and finding this beautiful 40 coupe and Dennis’s tudor right next to each other. I would have been up all night.

George and Denny were packing the very small but adequate trunks in these cars.

After a long day on the road the cars were ready to board the ferry to Victoria. This must have been a great venture for all cars involved. I heard the scenery was beautiful.

The view inside the ferry was a car show by itself. I know I would have loved this trip. I don’t know how many they have on the ferry but it looks like a lot of Deuces.

Gary and Tracy had their very nice BRG sedan at Victoria. This is on my favorite list for sure.

George and Karen had the little Deuce coupe looking good and power parked. I love it.

If you love Deuces you would have loved this show. Deuces everywhere and in a Venue to kill for. It doesn’t get much better than this.

More Deuces for you to look over and dream. This has to be a place for all of to visit in the future.

I am not sure why they stopped but I can guess. The long gray line.

Tomorrow’s Deuces….dreaming!

I think this is from George’s room. Nice view and I bet the wife was happy.

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