Toppers Tuesday

This is home improvement week at Pewsplace. I am painting the rear doors and repairing the door knobs. Much like the handles on your hot rod, home doors need to be repaired to work properly. I have devoted this week to this task so I will not be working on any of my car projects. I did not go to Toppers or the Office so I am out of touch this week.

I received a call from BV and he wanted to know about installing a thermostat on his electric fan. He has the fan installed but forgets to turn on the switch when he is in traffic. I know several people make these easy to install units so I recommended Hot Tronics, per my friend Gary. I have never had an electric fan because I don’t like the look of them on a hot rod, but I know they work great.

Alan sent some pictures of my old convert he is building. He has the car well on the way to completion and it is looking fantastic. He used 46 body trim and 46 gauges which is what I had intended to use. I like the look of both better than the 47/8.

Well I better go back to work…

Stay Tooned!


Alan has the dash looking sharp. Note 46 gauges and Van steering column. He has installed A/C but I don’t know where he will place the vents.

The 46 trim fits right on where the 48 used to be. I found the trim on Fordbarn for him.

The fenders are not painted yet but you can see the 46 trim fits perfect on the 48 fenders. The difference is that the holes are lower down on the 48. The 46 fender holes are above the crease line. They look fine to me.

A 302 Ford looks right at home in front of that very clean firewall. Note how clean the Fatman IFS looks on the chassis. When I purchased the car it had a Heidts IFS welded 5 inches too far forward. I cut it off and was going to use a dropped axle.

Alan used a C4 transmission and it required trimming the firewall a little for clearance. I love the natural “as Cast” paint on the transmission.

The panel below the trunk area was really beat up but Alan used his hammer and dolly and made it look perfect. Deck lid fit on these cars is not an easy task. This one came out perfect.

I drug the car home from the Fresno area and had it parked in the driveway for a few days. I did not think it looked bad, but some of the neighbors complained. Cal came and picked up the trailer he loaned me.

I have not sold my chassis so I decided to put some more parts on the frame. I can pull it out and work on it in the back area. I must finish the doors first, but I pull it out to look. The DMV told me it must be together before they will verify it. My friend knows all about this process. Maybe I will put a body on it to make it look like a car. Now where is that sedan body I have been wanting?

I made the rear crossmember shock hanger that could be used to mount coil overs in case the A spring didn’t work out. Tom did the same thing on his roadster.

Today’s sedan…dreaming!

Gary has built several sedans but is now putting together a real Deuce roadster. I don’t know how people fit in Deuce roadsters!

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