Toppers Tuesday

The weekend was full of activities for car owners in the LA area. Several people sent in pictures of their cars and trophies they won at the various car shows. My wife and I enjoyed the Reagan Library Independence Day celebration then came home and relaxed all day.

I did manage to get the rear axle under Andre so I could measure for some new wheels and tires. I need to move the car to the rear of the house in order to appease the home owner association. I always like to keep my cars moveable in case of an emergency. Thanks to Bob O and Bob I have some wheels to use a guide for what I need to purchase from WheelSmith. The final wheels came out to be 15 x 5 and 15 x 7 with a 4 1/2 bolt circle. The backspacing for the front is 3 inches and the rear is 3 3/4.

We started off today at the office with a big birthday party for Don who turned 80. He is in great shape and we had a big turnout. Jane baked him a cake and Don supplied the donuts. Hey, what are friends for?

I am searching for white wall tires for Andre so…

Stay Tooned!


John sent in some photos of Bruce’s just finished 39 tub. The car looks like an early custom which it actually was. Bruce completed the restoration with the help of John and some talented people. This car may be one of the 6 convertible sedans that Ford built for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.

The top comes off and you have a really large tub to take all of your friends to the drive in.

Now here is a tub I would like to own. Note condition of sheet metal. I want this one. Look out Gommi here comes another hiboy tub.

Here is one from the Saturday 40 cruise. Model 40 RPU hiboy with flathead and just the right touches to make it a very nice car.

I don’t think you have seen many 37 trucks with this body configuration. This amazing early motor home would make Gary a nice addition for his Woody.

Just think you would not have to spend the big bucks for a motel room at the beach. This unit is self contained and very comfortable.

I shot this photo to show how some people really do change a 40 dash. Note radio hole, woodgraining, steering wheel and gauges.

I like this seat, which is a Glide unit. I think this would look good in Andre and it reclines for my old back.

Sandy won best coupe at the Montrose show with “Girlie”. This car always wins the trophies which Bob loves. Gary built this little CMG coupe while he was waiting for the Woody to be completed.

Tom sent me the pictures of this one-off Packard sedan delivery. I know you have never seen one of these. The builder does extremely nice work.

Packards are large cars so the storage space will accommodate a family of 4.

Looks a lot like a Ford with spare tire and wood floor. Note door upholstery and inside handle.

Today’s Forties…really!

The story of a man who loved Deuces and now has moved on to 1940 Fords. He has his own 40 Ford Day right in his front driveway. Tomorrow’s feature!

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