Toppers Tuesday

Tuesdays are always packed with activity for me. I really enjoy going to Toppers and meeting up with the gang for a nice lunch and lots of BS. The diversity among our group is great. We mostly have retired people who enjoy old cars. The Streetscene boys are still working but always bring lots of good conversation to the party as well as an update on the events that are going on nationwide.

Today’s discussion was on the events that are taking place over the 4th of July weekend. Fillmore has always been the place to go for lots of cars, people and good food. Jane and I have attended this event for several years and have always had a great time. This year we are going to the Reagan Library which is located just above our house. The facility and grounds are beautiful and you can see for miles. They don’t have many cars but it is very close to my house.

Whatever you do over the fourth be sure take that old hot rod out for a spin. People really like seeing old cars on the holidays. If we continue to keep them indoors pretty soon the “Do – gooders” will do us in. Our old cars deserve a place in history just as much as presidential libraries do.

Stay Tooned!


Old Gold was a throw back to the old days with a race car look and a 57 J2 Olds motor. Cheater slicks really looked good as did the louvered hood and flames. Nice job.

I was into Chevy motors when these came out but I do remember a lot of them being put in 40 coupes to run on the street.

Jim had a luncheon for the tour group on Saturday. He has a garage for each of his Forties and all the memorabilia to go with them. Thanks to Dave for the pictures.

This cute little yellow 40 pickup was very nice with its orange wheels and black upholstery.

A red 40 pickup with all the trimmings was on display for all to admire. This truck was detailed to the max and spotless. You could not see the motor so I don’t know what is was. The car looked fresh to me.

Sedan deliveries are not rare at Forty Ford Day. I counted 10 deliveries in total.

Rich had his very rare 42 Mercury in the non forty area. You need to see this car to believe the cars condition. Rich is an expert on early Fords and Mercurys.

Ford had a dark maroon in 1940 other than the Garnet color. This stocker looked good in dark maroon. I think it might have been a 39 color is was so dark. A stock forty is O.K. with me. I would have to at least add some longer shackles….remember those. The car would sway from side to side going down the road.

I love 40 convertibles. This fellow has had both a Chevy and flathead in this car since I first met him. He took the Chevy out and replaced it with a much modified flathead. I like it either way.

Todays 40 coupe…dreaming!

Jim has this stock patina 40 coupe in one of his garages. This is the kind you can leave alone and just drive it. Cloud mist gray is the color of choice these days.

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