Toppers Tuesday

Toppers was really crowded today. I had to sit at a table by myself waiting for the Streetscene boys. We have increased our attendees recently so I must arrive a little earlier than usual. We discussed the LARS and all agreed it was a great show for us. While none of us want to see another 32 hiboy for a while we did appreciate the preferred parking area and some different kind of cars. I am a 32 hiboy fan but 999 of them in rows is more than I can handle. I had hoped to see more old traditional style rods but most were of the late model vintage. I did spend more time than normal looking at the Speed 33 roadsters. I can appreciate the car and its comforts but I will still have to stay with the old ones.

For show and tell I brought along the GM E-Rod brochure showing the engine installation package being offered by GM to meet CA emissions. GM Performance Parts had a display at SO-CAL and I talked to the representative for quite a while. The LS3 package is pricey for a hard core rodder but not for customers who are building a $200,000 hiboy at a local rod shop. I don’t know where we are going with the Green package in American, but it can’t be good for hot rodders. Maybe the price will come down soon.

This week I will feature pictures from the LARS weekend.

Stay Tooned!


This racer had a in-line six with webers and sounded great. I really liked this unit and I wished I could have driven it home. It was running very hot.

SO-CAL built 29 was really very nice and full of Jimmy Shine’s workmanship.

Just in case you think the economy is slow this rusty body was priced at $25K without the doors and deck lid. You could pay another $10K if you had to have doors.

You will need a stock Deuce frame and this one was only $8500. I don’t think any thing sold but your never know.

If you couldn’t wait for the $200K restoration you could purchase this old Deuce hiboy for a mere $100K.

I am a GM guy but this Roush Motor really looked good to me. SSR had one of their chassis on display and included this beautiful motor.

Walden Speed Shop does superb metal work and this 3 window was a showcase for the shop. I want one.

I saw more pretty flatheads this year than in previous years. This one was flawless.

Roy had this very nice tudor in his booth. He always builds a very nice car and very detailed.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

Gommi has a very nice phaeton and has added a new top since I last saw the car. This car won the award for the most accessories installed on a single car.

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