Toppers Tuesday

The morning flew by and I was having trouble getting my stuff together for show and tell at Toppers. Most of us bring some car related article, magazine or book to pass around for everyone to enjoy. I finally decided on Milestones of Early Hot Rods. Dave brought some pictures from the PRC and Santa Maria for all of us to enjoy. The Lakers are doing so bad only Dean wore his Laker shirt for tonights game. We filled the room with hot rodders and it was a great Toppers Tuesday.

We did discuss the Road Kings show and the coming LARS. Most people are heading out to the show on Friday for a run through the swap meet and a few open houses. I like to spend most of the day in Pomona to get warmed up for Saturday and Sunday. You won’t find a better show if you like roadsters, and great swap meets. This is the best on the West Coast.

The fairgrounds are changing so I don’t know what to expect next year. I certainly hope they keep the same venue for all of us to enjoy. It was rumored that the NHRA Museum was going to move to the Petersen but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I know it must be hard to maintain these places in a down economy and I am sure they need to consolidate facilities and personnel to make ends meet. Good luck to all of the facilities and make sure you support them when you can.

Roadster Week is a great time to reflect on the past and your youth. Most of us had cars when we were young and continue to enjoy our cars in our later years. The retro look as opposed to the modern smoothie with all the amenities is gaining in popularity. Places like SO-CAL have made a good living by bringing back old style roadsters with modern powerplants and brakes. The aftermarket makes it possible for us to build a pre-war looking car using repo parts along with a few genie parts. I think some people even try to not use any repo parts in their cars. I like safe cars in my old age so I prefer some good Lincoln brakes and a modern transmission and rear axle. You can make all of them look correct for your period build. Trying to downshift a 39 box on the I 5 makes no sense to me. Modern transmissions with a cool period correct shift lever works for me and most people. The static position of a hot rod with an early drivetrain is wonderful to admire but when you hit the road on the 210 to come home they are not very satisfying to most people. Contemporary Traditionalist is a good term for today’s hot rod with the early look and modern drivetrain.

I must go out in the garage so…

Stay Tooned!


Cabriolets make a nice hiboy. This little beauty has long trip ahead of him.

Greg has his contemporary traditional roadster on the road and will be heading to Pomona on Friday. Brizo built and rebuilt by Tom this car has survived a crash and will provide many more years of service.

The swap meet area is not all roadsters. This slick sedan was for sale a few years ago but it now being redone in a different style. Nice work.

My dream 34 as shown in this months Street Rodder may show up form Ohio.

This is sort of a roadster and will be accepted in the main show. I have seen several of these cars lately.

I love this look in a hot rod. The flathead is always a crowd pleaser and this one is potent.

George didn’t make it this year but he wants me to find him some more of these General Jumbo wheels. I am sure there will be a few for sale.

If you want some real Lincoln brakes you can buy them at the LARS. This original set sold on Sunday for $900.

Mr. Wilson of the LAR will have his 34 Cab in the line up. He is a true gentleman and long time member of the LAR’s.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

Friday is the time for cruising the swap meet in your roadster. He will stop at any space having Deuce parts.

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