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I am feeling pretty good today. I had my meeting with the Home Owners Association last night to explain that I don’t run a service and repair station for junk cars. Yes, I received a letter stating the rules of engagement and what was I going to do about it. Someone does not like driving through the gates and seeing anything in your driveway or garage that is older than a 2009 model and preferably a Mercedes or BMW. My wife attends every meeting so she wanted me to go and defend my hobby. I did explain that I was simply a retired individual who had a passion for old cars and really enjoyed working on them when able. The complaint is new so I knew I was safe as I can no longer work on these cars. The rules are that all work must be completed in your garage behind closed doors….even when it is a 100+ outside.

The whole country is heading toward banning old cars altogether. I am not sure how long we have in CA, but I think it is time to take some positive steps to join in and support all groups who are trying to save our hobby. My question is, are there enough of us left to fight the system and where do I sign up. My outcome was positive but who knows who will knock on my door next.

I can keep my doors closed to the outside as I have rear access to my garage and a place to work that is not visible from the street. Maybe it is time to sell out, purchase a finished car and not get caught up in the anti old car movement that is growing across the country. Maybe NSRA and Goodguys have the right idea….concentrate on newer cars. I have read the comments on the H.A.M.B. and Hop Up about the lady who wants all of our cars in CA to be hauled on trailers and secure a permit to haul them. How do these people get elected? Elections today will indicate how feed up people are with our government, both State and National. I don’t have any answer, but I am not happy with what I see and have personally experienced.

I think we all need to become involved before it is too late. Amnesty will never work for Hot Rodders as we do not need to be forgiven for doing what we love.

Stay Tooned!


How long can we attend this wonderful event. I don’t see any damage being done.

Where will the cut off be? George has one of the best 55’s around along with a 40 coupe… both with very low annual mileage. Is the problem pollution, population, or money hungry politicians who can’t develop a budget let alone live within the limits?

Does this look like junk to you? Flathead, Columbia, dropped front axle, etc. I sold all for $5K. The HOA does not approve of this car repair service shop unless it is all behind closed doors.

On a more positive note, Frank is still finding nice cars for sale. Here is his latest 34 3window parked on the sidewalk. I did not know this was legal. I am going to call the HOA and complain.

I wonder if this would qualify to set in my driveway or would I have to pull in at night and quickly hide it in my garage?

How about a nice stock 40 coupe that is just as pretty as that new CL55 next door?

This one won’t make it and would be classified as a Junk car. Seriously, this is a nicely executed 27 T. I love the lines…. For Sale on JJ.

Many of you asked about the 33 roadster and its new top. Yes, it is for sale and the top makes it a wonderful roadster to drive. Model 40’s have lots of room and the Glide seat is adjustable in all directions. Men and women of all sizes can drive this car. Oh! This car goes down the hi-way like a late model car…maybe not as good as a CL55 but close and a whole lot cooler. Give Bob a call if interested 626-791-0707.

I wonder if these guys will be safe to drive next year. Where would we park all the trailers and who would pay for the extra gas and the increased emissions from towing the trailer?

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

This little T has a great slick look and could be towed behind the neighbors CL55.

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