Toppers Tuesday

The Pizza was really good today and we had a nice turnout. Dave drove his very photogenic roadster for all of us to view. Dave purchased this beauty a few years ago and has been driving it ever since. The car has the cartoon look with nice rake, whitewalls and flames. The interior is tiny but I did manage to get in a take some pictures. The car always draws a crowd wherever it is parked. Today was no different. The color is a Mercedes cream that you don’t see very often on a roadster. Orange flames and wheels add just enough accent to make the car a real eye grabber.

I have some more photos of the PRC run on Saturday. Our gang is still talking about the great time they had at the event…

Stay Tooned!



Dave’s car is just plain good looking with the “Cop Shop” rake.


Front view shows low profile of top and windshield. Dave can see out of the windshield just fine. I had to lay down to see out of the window.


The side profile shows kick up in front and rear. Just – A – Hobby rails from the 80’s. Boyd used these frames on his hiboys.


Dash consist of a 1940 Ford unit with an under dash heater. Looks great and comes in handy on cold rainy days.


Lady driver was in this Maroon Deuce hiboy. Note old style top with upward slop and long lake pipes.


I never stop looking at the details on this Ionia built roadster. The car is a modern day masterpiece with unequalled workmanship.


Elco welding had their “Deliverance” in attendance. Don’t let the patina fool you as he drives this car all over the place.


WhyGoBuy Garage had this real deal phaeton in attendance. Nice ride.


Lynn had his Shorty’s Garage 33 roadster and he was disguised as a real person.

Today’s roadster…dreaming…still the one!


The car sits perfect due to very small tires on the front Kelsey’s. Mcgee top profile is starting to show up on more cars.

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