Toppers Tuesday

Toppers was cooking today. Everyone was talking about how good the NSRA run was at Bakersfield. I didn’t make it but I overheard several people talking about the two 40 coupes that were outstanding. I didn’t say anything but the cars are the product of Tim in Sacramento. I know the Streetscene boys were really impressed with the cars. The flip up radio top was a big hit with most who saw it. Tim and his son put together some nice cars for us to enjoy. I am still in love with his 40 convertible he built. Way to go Tim!

I have some photos of Franks 3 window to share with you. He sure runs into some deals. The 3 window is a diamond in the rough. Finding old Fords is a very exciting hobby for hot rodders. The chase is sometimes more fun than the build. If you’re looking for a 3 window give Frank a call.

The next big event is the PRC which will take place this Saturday. I understand there is a new route this year which should prove challenging to all who participate. I will be there taking pictures of the roadsters. This is a premier event in my mind. More on Monday’s Update…

Stay Tooned!


The Beford 1940 Fords


I know Tim won’t mind but the convertible is my dream. This is the only convert he has done and he did it right.


Tim’s son has a beautiful dark blue 40 coupe that has the stance and looks of my high school ride.


Tim’s wife is actively involved with him in building the cars. She picks out the colors as most women have better taste in colors than men do.


The driveway always has the neighbors stopping by to see Tim’s cars. He has a factory going at his house.


Tim has another folkstone gray coupe going together as we speak.


Frank drug this old Ford home yesterday. Lots of potential in this real deal 3 window. The price was right!


The car has been stored since the 70’s and needs everything but don’t they all.


An original seat is worth about what Frank paid for this car. I had three of these seats and discarded them for bucket seats. I was always sorry about that decison.


Here is a rear shot showing the tire carrier and bumper.

Todays event…not dreaming.


The PRC is going strong and is very well attended and managed by the Pasadena Roadster Club.


Pat has his car finished now and surely will show up for all of us to see a beautiful old school roadster.

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