Toppers Tuesday

The rain was just starting when I headed out this morning. I thought about going over to Frantics but I knew the traffic would be bad so I thought I would stop at the office to see what was going one. I was surprised that know one was in the joint. The traffic was bad but I still decided to go to Frantics to ask him some questions. The decision was not a good one as the highway patrol cars were everywhere slowing the traffic all the way to the I-5 freeway. I finally arrived and Fred was busy using his bead blaster on some customer parts. I think if I purchased another tool the bead blaster would be near the top of the list. Parts never look better than when they are fresh out of the blaster cabinet. I can have them done, but at $90 per hour it sure adds up.

Fred needed another cup of morning coffee so we sat down and discussed 4 bar front suspensions on 35-40 Fords. Fred is a died in the wool MII front suspension guy and can install one with his eyes closed. If you look in the first Heidts catalog you can see his work on the 35-40 chassis. Prior to using and IFS, Fred installed a Chassis Engineering 4 bar kit on his 35 Ford and he loved it. He doesn’t know why they stopped making the kit but he still prefers the 4-bar over split wishbones if you must have a solid axle car. Time was passing buy quickly, so I headed back to Toppers and again found very few people (2) in attendance.

I carried on the same topic with Dave who is also an axle man and he thinks his cars ride just as good except for overpasses on the freeway. The solid axle cars just bounce more. The Streetscene boys showed up and we talked about Bakersfield and this coming weekend. They are hoping for a good event this year despite the economy. I am not sure I am up to going but I wish them a successful event.

Andre is sitting in his hotel room today waiting for the weather to clear up. Maybe tomorrow I can do something to the front suspension. I picked up the jig from Alan that I had made for the convert and need to modify it for the 40. All that is required is narrowing the center brace by 2 1/2 inches. I hope I can get it installed so I can remove the front axle. Let’s see, split wishbones or 4 bar…maybe one more trip to Frantics and he will sell me a MII…

Stay Tooned!



Ford F100 column fits in the stock 40 location and can be made to look pretty stock. I would like to use the column if possible.


I felt the gap needed a spacer which will be tapered to neck down to the stock 40 wheel. Frantic can do this machining for me.


The column is a perfect length for the 40. I will use the stock 40 shifter hold down clamp rather than the u-bolt of the 56 Ford.


My 33 roadster has a stock 40 column and I made the adaptor for the automatic shift lever.


Yes, I wish mine were done like this one. The paint on this car is a mile deep. I plan to copy Gary’s Cloud Mist Gray color with maroon steel wheels and a Cinnamon tan leather interior. I know Allen will give me a good deal. I found out he did the interior on the Deuce tudor I like so much. He does great work.


Rich maroon interior on a Glide seat with fold down arm rest looks very comfortable.


I love the stock look but this car features a custom look with shaved hinges, LZ tail lights, and no bumper. Drive carefully and watch your rear.


When money is no object you can have a motorcycle built to match your hot rod truck. I worked for GMC for 40 years so I had to photograph this outstanding example.


The grille was a very nice piece of work. An LT1 was under the hood and detailed to the max. Nice job executed by Performance Restorations.

Today’s sedan…dreaming with fenders!


A very reasonable price for what you get today in Deuce sedans.

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