Toppers Tuesday

Toppers was well attended today and Dick drove his beautiful 40 rag. The StreetScene boys showed up so we talked some basketball and who we thought would win. They also mentioned that Bakersfield has good attendance so far. I plan on going as I always do. It just won’t be the same without Joe. Lots of conversation about Dicks 40 after lunch. Dave and I looked over the car and agreed it is a very nice car. Dick keeps it immaculate.

I spent the afternoon painting gates and finishing the motor mounts. The motor mounts are drilled and tacked in place. My friend Bob loaned me a Mallory Unilite distributor to try for size. I measured his 40 coupe installation and made mine the same distance. The small diameter Mallory fits with roon to spare. I can pull the distributor up all the way without hitting the firewall or taking off the cap. I like the HEI but they are just too big. I might try the Petronix unit as I hear good things about them. I may even convert and old Chevy distributor.

I hope to install the steering gear tomorrow so…

Stay Tooned!


More B&M Car Show photos.


This little 3 window was very, very nice and detailed to maximum.


The interior was unique with a see through back rumble area.


Late model Mopars were everywhere and I like them as well as the Mustangs and Cameros.


The nicest Hiboy at the event was this Dearborn Deuce beauty. Clearly a very high ($$$) end car that was a modern day version of what a car would like without any budget. Nice car.


The engine was detailed with chrome, paint, polish and a late model Corvette FI unit. I loved the hood straps.


Rear view showed louvered deck lid and LZ taill lights. Large diameter wire wheels were also detailed with paint and stainless.


One of my favorite hammered tudor sedans from the Santa Barbara area. Chopped about 4 inches with a beautiful interior.


Warren has his very detailed 29 roadster in the LA Roadster line up. I am glad to see this car driven on the streets.


Mr. Wilson had his newly painted cabriolet in the display for all to view.

Todays Roadster…could be yours!


The LA Roadster Club had this give a way Deuce project for some lucky person. The sign said you must be present on Sunday to win….Good Luck!

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