Toppers Tuesday

I was late today so there was standing roon only at Toppers. Big crowds always come on rainy days. No cars, but lots of BS. The topics were numberous and the opinions always lead to the current administration. I try to keep it on cars but sometimes join in just to keep’m pumped up. The correct VIN’s for 32’s came up and the roadster guys still seemed to be concerned about the new DMV “witch hunt”. I don’t think they did anything wrong except buy a Deuce roadster. How bad can that be. They purchased the car that came with a 32 title and registered it in their name. I think they have a case if called to the office. I stayed too long and finally came home to write today’s blog.

I am a fan of the 1933/4 Ford roadster and thought I would see what I could find on the internet that looked good. There is a world of knowledge on the net and I try to learn something every day. Now I know the Deuce roadster is “King of the Roadsters” but you have to admit that a 1933/4 is a stylish piece with lots of room for us old guys and our spouses. My wife loves my roadster as her hair doesn’t blow going in and out of the garage. I hope someday when its running she will go with me for a ride. I built the top at her request. Remember, “A happy wife is a happy life”. Let’s look at some roadsters.

Stay Tooned!



Poteet, the prolific car builder, had Roy build him this little number. The car was patterened after a Thom Taylor drawing that inspired George. I first saw this car at SO-CAL’s open house and was really impressed witht the look. Roy has the team that can do cars right.


How can you say anything compares to the beauty of an original 34 Ford roadster…Perfect!


A later version of the Poteet car. The one has a flathead, QC and a 37 grille. I like it a lot. Top 100 Street Rodder Magazine selection.


It is nice to see some projects being put together. You don’t see many original 33/34 roadsters going together in the magazines. Finding a real body is very difficult and $$$$.


This old dog still makes me go take a look everytime I see it. I am glad he left it alone. I think this is a back East car that was brought out West a couple of years ago. Richard would know as he also has one in his stable.


Don would approve of this silver racer from across the pond. Don’s is still in LA and shows up at Johnny Carson Park every year. I love his black one.


Here is a young lady with a classy ride.


This black beauty shows up every year at the LARS and I drool several times during the show.


Dick had one of the first Hiboys around. He drove it to LA for the 75th show at the LARS. Thanks, Dick.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


Joe is probably done with his new roadster that he and Lois are driving in their new home…heaven. Joe could never be away from Lois for very long. We miss both of you.

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