Toppers Tuesday

I receive a lot of questions about Toppers. Toppers is a local pizza joint that our “lunch bunch” goes to every Tuesday. The late Joe Mayall named each day of the week for a local restaurant we visited. Over the years Toppers is the only one that we have stuck with. Today, we had a great crowd and lots of good conversation. When you are retired it is great to get out of the house and meet with a group of people who truly enjoy old cars. If you are ever in Simi Valley on Tuesday’s stop in and say hello…. located on the corner of Erringer and Cochran.

I took the day off as the weather turned cold. I just watched the Olympics and took a long nap. I did receive some photos of Bob’s new 3 window after he added some new wheels and tires. The car is super solid and will make someone a nice hot rod. These cars are only available to the well healed individual who can afford the real deals. Just think many of you sold these for a few thousand dollars many years ago.

Tomorrow I am headed out to look at a seat for Andre…

Stay Tooned!



The 3 window as it arrived at Bob’s. Nice piece but required a new look to satisfy Bob and his crew.


New tires and wheels plus some detailing have the little coupe looking great.


Front view in Bob’s very picturesque driveway which has been the background for hundreds of cars he has owned over the years.


The side profile is a wonderful view of the Deuce 3 window. Henry and Murray Body Company should be proud of this classic design.


I am a storage lot scrounger. I find lots of great cars that are put away and forgotten. This one finally rusted away but the storage lot would not reveal how to contact the owner. What a shame. Andre was found in a storage lot which is now a new commercial building. Thanks for progress.


Myron, who was at Toppers today loves his 47 Ford convertible. Frantic built this one for him a few years ago. Like all of us he sold this one and built a Deuce hiboy roadster. Boys and their toys.


Myron would like a nice coupe to drive so his wife would go with him. I need to talk to him.

Todays ride…dreaming!


Local 3 window that is a very nice car. The car has been primered for as long as I have lived here.