Toppers Tuesday

Another sunny 80 degree day in the Southland. I know this will not last… so today is the day you need your roadster without a top. Toppers was packed and the conversation was all over the place. Cars, politics, pretty women and the new CA Amnesty program for crooked hot rodders. Dave drove his chopped 40 convert which is a really nice car that has over 50,000 miles on road trips across America. A 90 Chevy tuned port engine provides plenty of punch and fuel economy for today’s gas prices. The suspension is a dropped axle with parallel leafs out back. He is thinking about painting it black which would require a major tear down including motor as the whole car is purple.

This conversation lead to the price of paint jobs. Dick has a very nice 37 Cadillac that he wants to have painted. Many places have quoted him a price but all are too expensive and are booked 6 months out. I am not sure what he is going to do but he received lots of “advice” from the lunch bunch. I suggested him rub through in places and save his money. Patina is very cool today, but Dick needs shine. Shine cost big $$$$.

I spent the afternoon working on Andre’s floor boards. I made a new pattern with an access hole for the dual master cylinder. I also cut a section off the Bradley pans to use in making my new patch. I hope to have it done this week. As I was working on the car today I looked at the places that require a fix that I can do. I won’t tackle the quarter patch panels, but I will fill the radio antenna holes and the 39 Ford tail light holes. I will make patches tomorrow for these areas and tack them in place. I am making progress on the car which makes me feel good at the end of the day. You can stand back and say… “I did that myself”.

Tomorrow I will work on the motor mounts and remove the transmission mount rivets so I can install the rear split wishbone plate which arrived today. This is fun…right!

Stay Tooned!



Here is the new patch panel I need to make. This allows the fill of the new master cylinder when moved back 7 inches. I will use the Bradley pan for the patch. Thanks Frantic.


1941 was the first year Ford offered an inline six cylinder in the commercial vehicles. The radiator mount was extended into the grille to allow for the longer engine. I cut off the 6 mounts and left the V8 mounts which work fine with the Chevy V8.


I plan to replace the stock steering gear with a 605 power unit. I need to be able to steer without any pressure. I have driven these and they work great. I will reuse the steering shaft and mate it to the new box. Everything inside will be stock in appearance.


The car came with 39 tail lights installed. They did a neat job but I prefer the stock ones which my friend in Ohio sold me. I will use one on each side which was required only in 13 states in 1941. Wescott has perfect repo’s, but mine are original.


These 3 holes were neatly drilled in the firewall for some kind of heater. I removed all the equipment and will fill these holes.


Three windows are making a big comeback and this one caught my eye at this years LARS. Unique wheels made you look twice…then you realized they were turned around backwards.


If you were going to clone a track roadster this would make a good model. SSR did this one up in shining black.


The 75th anniversary of the 34 roadster was well represented at this past years LARS. I loved this Hemi powered full fendered roadster. I would maybe put some louvers in the hood to help cool that monster.

Today’s 3 window…real one!


Dave has owned this $300 special for over 30 years

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