Topper’s Tuesday

The day went by very quickly as I worked to get the frame completed for its final journey to the powder coater. I phoned them to ask a question and they reminded me that they have free pickup and delivery. WOW! I will use their service for sure. Save the BACK!

We have a couple of shows left before the SEMA Show so I will take photos and post them for all of you to view. The Throttlers Picnic is a great show for the early rats and once a year outing of many local cars. The Roaming Relics is a 500 plus show with nice shinny painted cars of all years welcome. The SEMA Show brings out new creations from many builders and manufacturers and are very high quality cars. If you have never attended the show, do yourself a favor a go for a least one day.

Here are some more photos.

Stay Tooned!



Tom’s Deuces, two of his 20 plus collection


I want one of these! Tim’s 40 cloud mist gray convert, axle, sbc, auto, 8 inch, A/C…WOW!


Jerry’s Cab from Seattle. Stock for the moment. He also has B400 with a hopped up banger!


Donnie’s 39 many door. For Sale for $30k, details and photos available. Nice driver.


These are popular. NSRA’s Roadster pickup giveaway car for 06, California Street Rod built this beauty.

Sneak Peek


I am leaning toward a nice 40 coupe that is ready to go. This one was very nice at the Monrovia Car Show. Resale Red and all the trimmings, but very nicely done.

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