Toppers Tuesday

Bob O and I left the office and headed to Pasadena to see BV’s new 32 fords. Bob and Bill always find the best of the traditional style hot rods. I had pictures but I thought I should go see the cars in person. I think Bob O and I have a sickness for the Deuce but we never seem to get better. It started raining on the way to Bob’s house but not bad. Bob had the garage doors open so we did not get wet. As soon as we peeked in the garage, we knew these were the real deals with Eastwood chassis, SBC’s and 4 speeds. The roadster had the best body and fenders I have seen in a long time. The stance was perfect and with a little detail would make a beautiful car. The 3 window was also very nice but needed a little more shine on the paint as it had been sitting longer. I don’t know where you would find a better pair of Deuces in this condition. We looked the cars over very carefully and then headed to Toppers for lunch. We discussed the cars all the way to lunch and could not get over how nice the cars were. Once at Toppers, we decided to have the Pizza as we deserved it. Dave showed up and we told him about the 3 window. He also has had a mint one in his garage for over 30 years. Three windows, repo or real are really nice cars to own.

The rain continued to pour all day so my progress in the garage was minimal. I read the new Bob Drake catalog and decided that his new 40 coupe might be a good investment if priced for today’s economy.

Stay Tooned!



My friend in Oregon sent me some photos of his 34 pickup. Hemi with T-5 trans looks good in the chassis.


Tom didn’t like the sunvisor so he smoothed the front crown. Nice metal work on the windshield.


Interior sheet metal work looks excellent. Tom is tall so he needs all the legroom possible.


The chassis is complete and painted a really neat green. Tom likes red so I presume the wheels will stay red. When I first met him he owned a mint, Yosemite green 40 convertible with orange wheels. Those wheels followed him through several cars. He like me doesn’t do aluminum wheels. He also collects Pink Cadillac models. Right Tom!


The pickup has a 5 inch section behind the door which gives Tom the room he requires for those long legs.

Today’s 40 pickup…convertible dreaming.


This is Frank’s real nice 40 pu he has on the market. All stock and really nice metal.

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