Toppers Tuesday

I am still trying to overcome the cold I caught at the show. Old dogs catch everything. I tried to take photos of the cars I liked but sometimes I was drawn to a car for some outstanding workmanship as well as an excellent design. Michael Moal, Steve’s son, has completed his Track T and it is a very nicely executed car. The little car has all the Moal trademarks, including aircraft inspired gauges, rivets, torsion bar suspension and overall quality workmanship. Congratulations to Michael and his crew at Moals.

Photos featured today are some of the cars in various buildings. I sure need to improve my photography when florescent lights are present. Some pictures came out great and some were very poor quality. I still want that new anit-motion Cannon. Maybe for Fathers Day.

Stay Tooned!



Dave built this beauty and it was in contention for the big one. The HAMB also picked this car.


“Double Trouble” from last year has been made into a work of art. The car sold at BJ this year for a low dollar compared to investment. Steve has built some really nice roadsters in the past. His Ardun powered Deuce sold for big bucks a few years ago at a BJ. He just keeps turning them out. Keep up the good work.


Jim had his Laguna Seca 3 window in the Walden booth. You can watch the video on his site, The race car build style was evident everywhere you looked. The pin drive Buick drums were beautiful.


One of my favorites is the Neal East, Woodward, Munz car that was an early successful attempt at perfection. The car is really a piece of history for me.


Paul, Mr. Accessory, has his new Deuce phaeton on display and I really liked the car. I don’t know where he picks up the stuff but he has it going on. Very nice tub hiboy.


Beautiful chopped 3 window in the Mangus booth. The upholstery was very nice for the car.


One of my favorites was Steve’s son Michaels Track T. I watched this car over the past few years and it turned out fantastic.


Rear shows QC and early Ford axle housings. Trunk has gas tank, battery and storage. Moal trademarks everywhere.


My style of roadster is this primered Brookville with hammered top using original style irons. He is a regular on the PRC.


The severe chop really shows up from the rear. Nice job. The car had a crowd around it all day.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!


Pat had his long term Deuce in building 4 near the stage. This is a beautiful car and should have been more visible to the public.


Cadillac motor was very well detailed. I have seen him drive this car in the PRC run and somehow “TOO Tall” fits in the car. Great Job Pat!

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