Toppers Tuesday

Today is cold, wet and gloomy but the thought of the GNRS makes me feel good. I received some nice photos of Richard Munz’s clone of the Stanley Wanlass bronze roadster the “S’Deuced”. Very nice car. You can check out more on A really nice site and nice car.

Toppers was great today as they have a new pulled pork sandwich. I get tired of Pizza and salad. Cars and the GNRS were the main discussion items with a little bit of how hard they hit Favre on Sunday….will he be back….Yes he will. My guest will arrive soon as they were driving in the rain and stopping at some garages on the way down. This is a Winter vacation for them. My wife has cooked and baked all morning long so the diet must start in February. Lots of people are going to drive to the show on Saturday for the outdoor show. We can do that in CA in January for you back East readers. It may be a tad bit cold but that is what 40 coupes are for.

Stay Tooned…



It is nice to have a lift in your garage so you can clean the chrome and undercarriage. Note old heavy duty drill presses. Boyd built 3 window in the 80’s. Gary has a nice set up.


Frank saved another 5 window from the bone yard. This is a beauty now. Black with gold wheels is pure 50’s.


Richard’s clone is a good looker. I don’t know who built it. Maybe his shop did.


Rear view looks like the real deal. Note QC which is a mandatory item on a roadster…IMHO!


Here is the bronze original of Stanley’s and the clone in the rear. See it at the GNRS along with Jim’s Walden built 3 window for Laguna Seca. I suspect it will be in Bobby’s booth.

Today’s 40 coupe…dreaming!


Bob’s Folkstone gray beauty. My delivery would look good this color.


I forgot I will need a sedan for company. This is a nice simple one I liked at 40 Ford this year. Axle car.

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