Toppers Tuesday

Wet is the word for Tuesday at Toppers. The rain didn’t stop people from coming so the BS was better than ever. Neil came up to install his third top in Simi Valley. Bob O’s son has a real pretty dark blue roadster that needed a top. It rained so hard driving to the house to install the top that we sat in the cars for a while. The top went on without a hitch as Neil has the process down to a science. A top makes the roadster a much more desirable car to drive and also adds a lot of curb appeal. The full hood on this cars really stands out and is by far more elegant than the side exhaust pipes sticking out side the hood tops. I can’t wait to see the car when Albert completes the top. He knows the look (McGee) that us old guys like. Albert is real young but can do the old look perfect. I took a few pictures to see how nice the irons and bows look. Neil is thinking about having the corner braces made from billet to improve the chroming process. Casting’s always have a few pits. I did not see any on this set.

My wife dug up some old photos for me to scan and share with you. She keeps me busy in my old age. I have owned lots of cars and she kept all the photos over the years. I have always taken tons of car pictures and I have over 20,000 in my library. Finding them is a problem but sometimes the hunt reveals lots of things I have forgotten…so

Stay Tooned!


Hidden away in SV is this beauty. Driven very little and always clean like his dads. The top will make him want to drive it more. Forty-nine Mercury dark blue with white and maroon interior…Nice!


Neil makes sure all of the bolts are tight. The fit was perfect…no small task.


John and Neil discuss the front brackets which are currently being cast as originals were.


Close up of corner post brackets shows chrome detail. Neil is going to make some out of billet and polish. We like the old look but we are open minded to his suggestion.


White interior is kept spotless just like Bob’s. Note how nice the pleats look on the door panels.


Bob O test all seats to make sure they have the feel he likes. Note top clearance…even with hat.


Early 80’s… my new Nomad that I purchased from Boyd. Squeege built this one in AZ. Very red and very straight. I should have kept this also.


Rear view showing nice stance and Eric’s wheels. I used to sell these wheels for pickups at my store.


Glenn had his fun driving to Sun Valley Bob’s Big Boy for lunch and a reunion of sort. The delivery came from Lou but was originally built in Sun Valley and a cover car for Hot Rod. Small world. I wonder if the delivery remembered Damion’s as it was called?

Today’s Forty…real storage lot in town.


I have found more 40 Fords in storage lots than at Pomona or Long Beach. Drake is making a new 40 coupe per his latest flyer I received today. How much?

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