Toppers Tuesday

Real small turnout today. The old folks have the grandkids to take care of so no time for pizza. We still discussed the DMV and the SEMA action for SCV in California. I hope all turns out good but if it doesn’t then I will just talk about the government who ruined our hobby. I think we are stronger than that as a group.

I spent the daly working on fenders… hammer and dolly work. Hard on the back but someone has got to do it and I can’t afford $85/hr so I beat away. They are not in bad shape but do need some dents ironed out. Fun to see the results.

Tom is bringing a real nice full fendered Deuce to the GNRS. Sid just finished the interior and it is super as usual. The car will be a driver not a contender so it will look like a Deuce should not some off the wall designer piece for two million bucks…

Stay Tooned!



John sent this great picture. The dogs rode first class and needed a break or were looking for Bob O. Note skinny spare tire in well. Mine is still good and I will put in a second gas tank for that extra mile. Right hand tail light indicates a public vehicle for 1940.

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