Topper’s Tuesday

Andre has kept me busy for the last several days. I spent a great deal of time taking apart the stock steering column being careful not to destroy anything. The columns are relatively simple but the lock mechanism is complicated if you have never dis-assembled one. The process takes about a hour if all the parts are not rusted in place. Mine took longer as the rusty parts need soaking for a few hours. I use the complete column in my cars. I do not use the stock steering gear as I am using a 525 or 605 power steering box. I have found these units work well with a heavier car. I need to purchase a new wheel, make a bushing and paint the unit prior to installation.

I also spent some time removing the front fenders. They came off without much trouble and the cowl area is perfect, no rust anyplace. I can now start removing the body bolts to take the body off the chassis. The rest of the chassis work will be performed with the body off. After sandblasting I will install all of the components I have purchased. The chassis will not take more than a weekend to complete.

Stay Tooned!



An ad on Fordbarn located a 5 window project. Too much work for an old man, but would make a good hot rod. The price was cheap for a Deuce.


The work involved to make it look like this is beyond my capabilities or pocketbook.


Here is Andre’s column in pieces. Lots of careful work to not damage any of the parts. Cleaning is next.


Here is the drop and parts as I dis-assembled the unit.


The holes must be drilled and bolts extracted with and easy out. No small task if rusted.


Lots of parts are inside of lock mechanism. Henry had some real good engineers on this project. The lever and knob are serrated and simply pull off with care.


Andre’s cowl was in perfect shape after removing fenders. The fenders protected the area from rain all those years it was parked. I could see this from the inside but did not know if it would be pitted between the fenders and cowl. Common problem on forties.

Today sedan…dreaming.


John in Michigan builds some really neat rides. He was building them when I lived there in the 70’s. This is from JJ and you can follow his build. Model A sedans look really good chopped and in the hiboy form.

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