Topper’s Tuesday

The wife wants me to put up the Christmas tree lights today so I will not be running all over the place to secure parts. We don’t do much, just enough to make the neighbors think we aren’t anti-Xmas. Each year I do less as my physical limitations prevents climbing on ladders. Working on a car is bad enough.

I have some more photos from my trip to share with you today. Several people commented about the red roadster with fenders. I do like fenders but very seldom see one to photograph. Maybe I will do a blog on fendered roadsters to see the response I receive. I like old cars period. Steve “I hate old cars” really likes them too. Someday I will visit his collection and show you some really nice cars.

It is cold today so Toppers will be for coupes today. (more like late model pickups).

Here are some photos…

Stay Tooned!



Gary’s very nice 37 woody. New wood and modern chassis. Looks stock except for rake. I love it.


I have always liked the rear spare tire on woody’s. Gary mounted a thin tire and cover to provide the look.


The interior work is outstanding, all seams are french and straight as an arrow.


Gary’s next project is a cloud mist gray 40 sedan delivery that Bob put together a few years ago. The body has a 4 door sedan floor which provides a place for a second seat and foot wells. This will be a 4 passenger delivery with cargo room. Ford would call this a crossover vehicle today.


I first saw Gary’s phaeton in 1984 at Andy’s Picnic. I liked it so much I went home an ordered one from Wescott to clone the car. The project followed me to California but I traded it for a coupe. The car is a beautiful color and has been on the road for many years. He traded it for a hiboy but could not live without fenders so he purchased it back. Good move.


The rear view is just as striking with the tall top and big license plate.


The interior is what I have always liked about this phaeton. The seat is back and the upholstery makes you feel like you are in your living room.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


This looks a lot like the one I want next. I should keep my frame and build a copy of this beauty. Does anyone have a nice 34 frame?

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