Toppers Tuesday

I spent all day Monday looking at cars and visiting the Kennedy Boys. Bob O and I left the “Office” early and headed to Pomona. The weather was perfect and I really wanted to see Ron’s old tudor again. I have not seen his car in many years and his car was the reason I purchased mine in the early 80’s. We arrive at Terry’s and the car was sitting in the driveway next to a 35 roadster that John and Lynn used to own. In the back room was a Street Rodder feature car, a chopped 3 window hiboy. I did not take pictures as I was there to look at the sedan.

When I first met Ron the car was a yellow hiboy sedan he drove and worked on as he had time and money…early 80’s. I had two children and a chopped 3 window which was way too small for my family. Frank Brown was nice enough to sell me a mint 50’s chopped tudor and a chassis with rear fenders only. I had a set of new McDonald Douglas front fenders (remember those..$1200 a pair) that were left over from my 3 window project so I was ready to go. I did not like hiboy sedans in the 80’s…only roadsters.

Ron kept working on his and I keep working on mine for a couple of years. Ron purchased a 46 convert, sold the tudor and I lost track of the car until now. My old sedan is still with the same owner that I sold it to. Both cars have mint bodies and superb chop jobs. Mine was a straight 3 inches and Ron’s was an angle chop of 2/12 and 2. I did not fill the top but Ron did. All in all the cars are very similar with Eastwood and Metz chassis. Identical configuration with buggy springs front and rear. Back to car, Terry took me for a ride and the car drives very nice and has plenty of power with the crate motor. The ride is typical buggy spring which is a little bouncing but not bad. I drooled over the car for about an hour and just could not get over the beads being removed from such a nice body.

I thanked Terry and we headed to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we stopped by the Kennedy Boys and I asked Jason about the cowl fix. He basically said not to do it….too much work for the result. I was sad but he is right. They were busy so we visited the Early V8 store and Bob O purchased some ignition parts for his 40 pickup. Bill has some neat stuff in his store and I could spend hours looking at the parts. He had a real nice Heavy drilled axle ready to go that tempted me, but I was afraid to ask how much.

I finally got home about 4:00 PM and headed for the chair for some upholstery work….

Stay Tooned!



Here is a cute little 29 sport coupe at the V8 Store. Driver and fun.


I am sure the motor is worth more than the car. Well equipped EM flathead.


Bill’s collection…40 pickup and rare 33 Vicky are very nice cars. Mostly stock.


The Kennedy Boys did the work on this one. Super straight.


Bob’s new roadster from Gary in Sonoma. All steel except body. Gary should have kept this one or I should have purchased it. Goes down the road very smoothly for an axle car.


The motor is a new 350 with a rebuilt 350 transmission. Sweet ride.


Interior has a fresh Glide seat, heater, radio and lots of leg room. What more do you want.


The rear is stock and nice looking as only a 33 can be.


Terry’s Deuce sedan. Eastwood did the lights for Ron. I have a nice dropped headlight bar for mine when it arrives.


This is Gary Heon’s super nice BRG tudor that has all the bells and whistles. Top shelf ride.

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