Topper’s Tuesday

I have been real busy with the roadster and have not had time to post some thoughts. Today is Toppers Pizza day so I felt I should take some time and show you some pictures of the roadster. Having a bad back causes one to use extreme care when doing any sort of lifting. I purchased a cherry picker and believe me it really helps when trying to separate the body from the frame. I also use it to lift the chassis up on saw horses so I can work on it. Another item that is very useful is the furniture dolly I purchased from Harbor Freight. I simply roll it under the frame center section and lower the frame down on it and I have an instant dolly. Here are some photos of the project.

I also attended the Harbor Run on Sunday and it was great. A good turnout and beautiful weather. The venue is right on the ocean so you can walk in the sand and look at cars.

Stay Tooned!



The Cherry picker comes in handy when lifting the body off frame.


Body now rest on steel cross braces with jack stands. I plan to make some supporting braces to replace jack stands.


Frame is now ready to go to the paint shop. Finally! Thanks Ed.


Harbor Run, stock 40 Ford sedan parked in front of beach homes. Nice car, nice homes.


40 Ford Street Rod, lowered, 5 spokes, SBC, axle front, black plates


33 Flamed coupe, super black and very detailed.

Sneak Peek


Bill Metz’s sedan being restored for a Hot Rod! Nice metal work.

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