Topper’s Tuesday

Beautiful day in LA. The roadsters will be out in force today and I will take some pictures. The sunny weather brings out the open air feeling in most of us. Cruising to Toppers with the top off is the right thing to do. We can enjoy warm weather all year long but some days are just too cold to go in the roadster. Due to the age of most of us we need to have alternate transportation for cold days. A nice forty Ford coupe makes a good second car. They are very comfortable, stylish, and receive a lot of thumbs up on the highway. Just like roadsters, I have admired 40 Fords of all body styles for many years. In the late 80’s I had a convertible (running), a sedan delivery (running), and a sedan project under way with a Fat Jack 4 bar chassis. He builds a great chassis.

You really don’t need to do anything to a 40 Ford to make it a nice ride. They go down the highway smoothly just as Henry built them. I know Boyd built them with his IFS and in my mind they didn’t ride any better than the buggy spring. He used to tell me that someday he would build one with front and rear independent suspensions and show the world how nice they could ride. He did that and I will have to agree they did ride nice. Kugel makes the same deal and I have ridden in a 40 Woody with a full Kugel suspension and yes, it is the answer. I will stick to the axle for the looks and ease of installation and still have a pretty decent ride. The steering is the problem with an axle car. You don’t get the ease and quick response unless you install a 605 box. Fat Jack did many of these and I used to drive a 40 sedan with a 605 and the steering was effortless. I can even get by with a 525 box if it is in good shape. Turning while standing still is a little difficult for the wife but I have never had a problem. Changing steering boxes is part of building a hot rod. If you don’t like something install something else….it keeps the economy going and your brain in motion.

Let’s look at some 40 Fords.

Stay Tooned!



The office has a few 40’s show up once in while. Kens “Rat” is there at least once a week. 348, B&M hydro, 9 inch rear, T&R old interior and primer. Daily driver but very solid.


Bob O’s 40 pickup with flatty and Columbia really does have the early look of your High School hot rod.


Donnie took a nice restored mint stocker and made it a street rod with MII, 350/350, nine inch and left everything else stock. I really wanted this car before the surgery was performed.


Roy builds some nice deliveries. The BRG beauty is for a rock band leader in Idaho.


Coupes are my favorite and this Lyon blue one sure looks nice. Very clean with WW’s and super stance…needs to be in my garage.


Flames are welcome on 40’s. This is my all time favorite picture of a flamed 40 coupe.


Flamed red coupes do make a statement. This AZ beauty has been on the market for some time. Looks sweet to me.


I do like convertibles but they are noisy with the top up. The top bows need to be reshaped to lean forward and down a little.


Primered sedans are in. This little jewel would be cheap to build and offer a lot of fun for the family.

Today’s 40…dreaming.


Folkstone gray is very subtle and rich looking on a coupe and I am thinking on a delivery. Maroon steelies and brown interior.

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