Topper’s Tuesday

I have several friends that own more than one hot rod. Some people just have to have a variety of cars to keep them happy. Myself, I need one to drive, one to build and one to dream about. The person who has the garage space to house 10 cars or so really is a true collector. I dream about a separate garage to house my cars. I would have a tear down area, a clean area, a workshop, a machine shop, a parts storage area and wash stall similar to a dealership. Several books have been written showing some of these “Dream Garages”. Borders has a good selection so put one on your Christmas list.

Yes, it is time to start thinking about Christmas. The economy will force early sales of goods and services so get out there and spend some money. I would hope Santa brings me a chopped Tudor (my wife and family read this blog) but I will settle for them being home for the holidays. I saved my money all year long so I should be able to handle at least one gift for myself. My wife and I always buy our self a gift that we want and put it under the tree. Works for me. I keep it small in the Christmas spirit and limit the present to car related products. California Car Cover has everything I need and then some. T-shirts from the big name shops are among my favorite. I also like hats but have way too many. Maybe I will purchase Roy Brizio’s new book. He is one of my favorite builders.

I tackled the rear floor area again yesterday and still have not completed the job. My wife crawled under the car and found the 4 bolts that hold the floor and body to the frame. The bad news is the bolts are mounted in the wood and turn when you try to loosen them. I could have welded a nut on top but my welder cables won’t reach the car. I ended up drilling holes in the bolt heads and grinding them flush. I have two done and two to go. What a project.

I have a couple of more cars for sale today and of course a Deuce or two…I should be at SEMA.

Stay Tooned!



Charlie sent in this nice red roadster that is available. SBC older build but still nice. Please email me if you have an interest.


Side view showing nice stance, top and wheels. Not sure of the price but sounded reasonable to me.


Tom sent in this nice 55 Ford SD with a 427 HM engine…WOW. The price is $22K. How could you go wrong.


Here is a finished SD floor box. Lots of wood and screws. Mine is all good and will not need replaced.


Rear spare tire area also has lots of wood and screws. The sheet metal is screwed to the floor wood. I found this out after crawling under the car today.


A little inspiration after spending all day in the delivery. Bad to the Bone.


Here is what I want my floor to look like. This is Tom’s 40 coupe with a textured look paint.


The California Star is also for sale. This was the AMBR winner in the 80’s. Still perfect.


From SEMA a couple of years ago. Dutch brings a new one each year. This is a rat for sure.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Sharon wants Gary to build her one like this. The color is Ford Truck Medium Cabernet Red. I purchased a gallon for the car I don’t have.

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