Toppers Tuesday

Big crowd today, one roadster. If it wasn’t for Don this could be a model airplane club meeting. Why don’t more people drive their cars. Almost all of us are in our 60’s and folks that is the fourth quarter of life. I pray for overtime every day. Neil drove up from the beach with another set of beautiful top irons and bows for Billy’s roadster. I think I am going to purchase a set just to hang them in my bedroom. I had to leave early to go to the dentist but the BS was still going on.

I made a lot of progress over the weekend on Andre and will show you some photos of my work. I am out of room in the garage and need to sell something to make space for the delivery body when I take it off the chassis. The wife doesn’t care what I sell as long as I gain some room. I have 4 spaces and she has one….seems fair to me. I now have many parts at the blaster and stored in her location. She is gone this week which provides me a little relief…. I must gain the space somehow. I have had a couple of suspects but no buyers. This is a bad economy, right!

Parting with our hand built cars is hard to do but there is always another project someone else has for sale. I really need to purchase a running driving car and work on Andre or the sedan project.

I am off to the dentist…so

Stay Tooned!



Registration at Roaming Relics on Sunday. A real nice hammered tudor and 40 coupe were in line. I knew this was going to be good show.


Frantic was there early in his new super 51 claret red Chevy.


My favorite 40 folkstone gray coupe was looking good outside the Cactus Patch restaurant. I am thinking the SD would look good this color.


George has a beauty in his red 40 coupe. New wheels put it in the Street Rod class. Where did the white walls go?


This is what I call retirement heaven. Sunday afternoon at Pewsplace…projects and football games. I am a happy guy.


The task for the day was to remove the doors from Andre. These are the door hinge screws that required drilling to remove. Thanks to Frank for the super drills.


Success they all came out without damage to the holes.


The doors are all removed and at the stripper.

Today’s ride…for sale.


This is a very high end bright yellow 40 coupe with a flathead. Price is firm at $51K


JJ coupe has a nice look with a Champ rear. Asking price is $49K.

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