Toppers Tuesday

My father used to tell me that success often follows failure. He was right. I finally was successful in removing the door lock cylinder on Andre. I must have 8 hours of time, three broken drills, an easy out and a very sore back from pressing on the drill. I made one last try before taking the door to J&P for a professional removal and presto the lock cylinder came out. Now for the rear door lock cylinder. I will drill it also but more carefully.

I thought I would have some photos of Bob’s new top but the rear window did not arrive today so the car will be done sometime next week. The 34 rear window is much smaller height wise and looks better with a 3 inch chop. These decisions are all part of the personal taste required in making yours look like you want it to look. I have not purchased a rear window for Lucy but will probably use a 34. Labaron Bonney has them in stock.

I purchased some vise grip clamps today to make my welding project easier. I foresee a lot of use in the next two weeks…

Stay tooned!



Tim builds some very nice award winning 40 Fords. This is his convertible of a few years ago. I thought this was one of his best efforts. Someone else really liked it $$$.


Tim and his son both have nice coupes. Tim is on the left. Stance is perfect on these cars.


Tim’s is cloud mist gray with steel wheels, SBC/auto and dropped axle.


Sons car is barcelona blue with steel wheels, white walls and similar driveline. I kind of like the white wall tires.


Which one do we take to the donut shop? Let’s take both of them they are so nice.


Here is the lock cylinder that was so stubborn to remove. Looks innocent enough. Allen head screw is a small diameter and very hard to drill straight. I will retap to 12-24.


Inside the door there is a small access hole to the set screw. Hard to get heat to. Metal plate is spot welded inside the door for the handle and lock.


Outside hole came out perfect… no distortion from the heat and cussing.


Dick has his top done and looks very nice. Bob’s will be a similar shape only white in color….”Old School”.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


A friend in Atlanta has a real nice tudor. The unique color and wires make it a standout car.

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