Topper’s Tuesday

The cool weather is nice for a change. I don’t think I could live where it snows a lot but I do like the cool weather in the mornings and evenings. Lou in Idaho, where it snows a lot sent in a photo of his delivery with the while flakes falling down. Time to work on the hemi powered coupe with the heater going strong.

The day looks to be a good one and we should have a good turnout at Toppers. The subject is Swine flu as one of our “Office bunch” has come down with the well publicized illness. I have not gotten either flu shot but will get the first one today. The challenges in life seem to be endless but all doable. In my search for a decent 327 block I have come up with several on Craigslist. I really thought the search would be more challenging but there are still lots of them available. This is fun.

I am off early today to have the beads rolled in my new floor pan for Andre…

Stay Tooned!



Lou has the very pretty delivery with the white flakes. This is a super looking car.


Roy is building a delivery for a customer. See details on his website.


I have been following this build on JJ. I could learn to love this car. I like the flattened paint. Needs a hood with louvers.


The rear view of a sedan causes some people not to like sedan hiboys but I love the look. Placing the tail lights in close to the body helps offset the gaps.


This is the way to spend your Sunday’s. Take your tudor to the 4 cylinder drags and relax.


Nice track roadster with a QC and model A spring.


Miller Schofield Ford with some history.


Head on shot looks mean. Car was originally built in 1929.


I don’t know anything about the motor but it looks impressive to me.

Today’s Toppers ride…dreaming.


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