Topper’s Tuesday

Should be a big crowd today at Toppers. The heat always drives the old guys to eat pizza. Most will have their tops installed as the Sun really has been very bright lately. Bob-O still does not have his top as Neil is waiting for some new top thumbs. The black roadster really could use a top for the Throttlers Picnic in a few weeks. The three roadster owners, Don, Dick and Myron all have tops and were featured in an article in the Star this week. These guys drive their cars everywhere and it brings back memories of their youth. Why is it we all think of Deuces when we get older. I think it is the availability of reproduction cars that make our dreams come true. I know there is a lot of hype about “Henry Steel”, but come on, why bother when you can enjoy the ride much quicker and far less expensive than building or buying a real deal roadster.

Real “Henry” cars are beautiful and if you have one hang on to it. They will always be a very satisfying and a safe investment. The value you will receive from going out in the garage and admiring the car or cars is priceless. Now if you have a reproduction car you will get the same satisfaction but not always the investment in most cases. Supply and demand coupled with the slow economy has dampened the car market. Unless you are in need hang on to your cars for another year.

In my case, I spend a lot of days just sitting in my chair and dreaming. I am not interested in my cars as an investment but I don’t know what I would do everyday without having some cars in my garage for my enjoyment. Keeping your mind busy is very healthy. A busy man is a happy one…

Having a Manning as a quarterback makes the game more enjoyable. The Colts had the ball less than 15 minutes and still won in the last 3 minutes.

Stay Tooned!



This chopped coupe was sitting in the dirt and reminded me of Frank’s car. There were lots of 3 windows in attendance.


Nice couple. Red and black 3 windows sitting in the grass.


Over the top 54 F100. Details everywhere and was Ford powered. Club members car.


More 40 coupes. Three in a row. The standard has been around for a long time. I used to drool over this one at Pomona every year. Rock solid car with an F100 automatic shift column.


Gary’s beautiful 55 Nomad. Black and straight. Rumor has it he is looking at another Deuce roadster for his collection.


Perfect tan 40 coupe built by Jim. Gabe’s interior, TCI chassis and nice.


This 5 window has been around for a long time. Early Hot Rod style with flathead and Columbia. Build book on front bumper was helpful. One of the nicest 5 windows around.


White walls add to the look of this unchopped coupe.


Today’s front end on a hiboy. SO-CAL must have sold 1000’s of these brake kits.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Custom Tub having fun heading for Toppers. Note front fender modification. Good fenders are $1000 – $1500 each today. I used to purchase for $20 bucks in the 50’s.

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