Topper’s Tuesday

I received news today that my long time friend Frank Brown has become an associate member of the LA Roadster Club. Congratulations Frank. Frank is a true car enthusiast having owned more Deuces than anyone I know. Frank has a great bio on the LAR’s site so take a look. I will see him Sunday at the Outriders Picnic.

My friend Bob had his roadster sandblasted and powered coated last week. I am not pleased with the results as they warped some of the panels. I have this fear with my delivery so I have been doing a lot of research to find the correct media to use and operator. Roy Brizio blast all of his cars and they look perfect to me. I am going to call Dave today and find out what they use.

While healing up I have been working on the installation of the Station Wagon rear axle in Andre. I have used TCI, SAC and Chassis Engineering in my previous cars and they all worked O.K. but the springs are bouncy. SAC had the best design and did not require blocks to obtain the correct ride height. I have lots of time so I designed my own rear through the frame mounts and will purchase the TCI front mounts from Donnie. I contacted Eaton Spring and they make a “guaranteed” smooth ride pair of rear springs. They are pricey but I think will do the job.

I have the new dropped axle ready to slide under the front as soon as the blasting is complete. I need to remove the motor and transmission prior to blasting so that will take a few more weeks before I can tackle the task.

Stay Tooned!



This is a great picture showing the before and after chopped sedans. Which do you prefer?


This is the one that really got my interest in building a 33 hiboy. John had Roy put this one together for him many years ago.


Tom sent along a picture of a rare panel truck. Hi-tech but cool. I love trucks.


On the other end of the spectrum is this plain Jane 3 window with SBC and stock driveline. You need to see this one in person. Throttlers Picnic October 11th, Johnny Carson Park…be there.


Here is Franks “Mayflower” with significant SO-CAL history.


Always first in line at the PRC, Frank drives over in the snow to attend.


Sample of through the frame rear bracket for parallel rear springs. You don’t need lowering blocks if you use this method. Posie has similar set up. I made my own brackets.


Inside frame view showing simplicity of bracket.


Harbor Run had an exquisite 41 sedan on display. I have been watching the build over the past few years. Very nicely done on a seldom seen model. Work was first cabin and then some.

Today’s ride…my actual car in progress.


The old girl “Lucy” is starting to look good to me again. Maybe is was John’s car above that got me excited in my old age.

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