Topper’s Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I went to Orange County on Saturday and really had a good time. I have a few pictures to share with you. The show was a little different from the past with less vendors and cars. I think somewhere around 2000 cars which still provided a good day for me and my friends.

I ran into my old delivery that is now finished and looking good. Mark, the new owner has done a great job of finishing the car. He needed the two cowl strips which he could never find. I just happen to have a set and will be sending them to him. I called the delivery “Sunshine” as it was painted yellow. The car came from Ralph’s Flowers in Pasadena and had been a fixture for years on the streets of Pasadena. I drove it for several years after I retired and later took it apart for a complete rebuild. I became sick and sold all of my cars. Mark purchased the car of his dreams. I am happy someone put it back on the road. He had the car metal finished and painted Cloud Mist Gray with woody paneling installed. Not quite finished, but close. He was enjoying the day and I was enjoying the car.

I continue to work on Andre and progress is slow but I am still very motivated to get it done soon. I have had several inquires about my roadster but no takers. I just might store it away for a while. I still like it very much and it is a roadster I can fit my old body in. I just need more room for the delivery.

Stay tooned!



Orange County Cruising Association is alive and well. Great show.


Slick black 36 delivery was running around all over the place. Super paint and stance.


Yellow 40 truck was hanging out at Mike’s Corner. Not sure of power but was definitely a nice hot rod.


The Wheel Smith booth had this amazing 31 black roadster with dark brown wire wheels. High end car with tan interior.


Three Deuces on the corner waiting their turn to cruise the grounds. Cars can cruise the Fairgrounds all day long.


Big time hit with me was this black, flathead powered 3 window. I don’t recall seeing this car before so I don’t know much about it.


Baron Head equipped flathead was a looker. Details everywhere you looked. Nice car.


I think this is the old Halibrand coupe, but I am not sure as the original one was black. Real deal with Halibrand wheels and Champ.


Wheel Smith has the nicest yellow and orange 29 around. Quickchange, model A spring, Wilson Welding etc.

Today’s ride…I should have kept this one also.


Sunshine is now Cloud Mist Gray with rare Americans. Former Ralph’s Flower truck from Pasadena area.


Side view showing paneling and original Americans I paid dearly for. Tim had these on his car and I hunted my own set to match. They were unique in they had a 5 1/2 bolt circle. The car was my first and last M11 suspension. Rides great, just not me.

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