Topper’s Tuesday

Ashes are on my car this morning and the smell of smoke is in the air so I must be in So-Cal. The fires are burning acreage at an amazing rate. I hope they get them under control soon. I have friends who are fireman and my heart goes out to them.

I am not sure how many will show up today for the “Lunch Special” but the heat will drive old men to food and air conditioning. The big weekend coming up will certainly be a topic for discussion. The Primer Nationals is in Ventura and the Labor Day Cruise is in Orange County. I plan to go to Orange County and see if it has improved over previous years. The attendance has been down over the past few years and hopefully will improve this year. Great venue to have a show and cruise. The wife goes to nearby South Coat Plaza and spends my car money.

I searched the “My pictures” folder for some cars and will feature them today. I am really partial to 1932-34,1940 Fords so sometimes I need to look at some other years. I don’t take pictures of many other years but will focus on some 36-39 on my next outing. All old Fords are cool to me so…

Stay Tooned!



Here is a daily driver at this year’s P-Town. Nice original car as they were. Frank will have his done soon.


Interior shows 48 steering wheel, SW panel and Mexican blanket seat covers with no door covers or Dynamat.


The other end of the scale is this beauty. Nicely done with all the stuff you can buy and install.


Oregon based SO-CAL kit car. I saw this car at the open house and it is very nice. If you have the $$$ the starter kit @ $40K is the way to go. All the hard work is done. Pete claims it saves you a years worth of work.


Interior of same car equipped for Oregon weather with a Moal heat unit under the dash and lots of knobs.


Roadsters actually were built through 37 so this 36 qualifies for the LARS. Nice!


My all time favorite 32 sedan hiboy from the SD area. This was the first sedan I liked as a hiboy. Maybe the bias tires struck a nerve in my old body.


Steve, the flower car deuce man, also has a super high end Vicky. You gotta like these cars. I even like the fenders.


Don brought back one of the best chops around. Remember the Hot Rod cover? Lloyd built this one to show and show it does.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Mo was out in the sun and looking good at P-Town last year.

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