Topper’s Tuesday

Very busy day today for the old man. First a trip to Frantic Fred’s to see the progress on the 40 coupe and Deuce Hiboy. It just so happened that a very nice 46 Rag was in for a new air unit. I always like these cars and regret selling mine a few years ago. If you want and old man’s car with a very nice ride and plenty of room a 46-46 Ford convert is the answer. They are also very reasonable priced compared to everything else.  After several hours of drooling I had to race to lunch to get the latest from the STREETSCENE crew who just returned from Louisville.  During lunch, Bonneville came up and several of the boys were headed to the Salt Flats this week.  When I returned home I punched in SCTA and found out there is a lot of water on the course, so I told the boys to be sure of the race before driving all day to Wendover.  Finally, in checking my email I had some pictures of a Deuce 3 window that Charlie has for sale.  He drug these home from Central California. WOW, what a day and I still have to post this BS.

Have a look!

Stay Tooned!



Charlie’s 32 3 window wrecked years ago and parked


Interior shot


Extra body for repair. If interested let me know and I will connect you with Charlie

Some nice 5 window coupes. My first car was a 5 window Deuce as I did not like 3 windows.


Hiboy style


Full fendered chopped, my style…Hot Rod!


This is what it is all about, look close and see the K member.

Thanks Chuck and Charlie for the pictures.

Sneak Peek


Someone sent me this picture and I will let you put words to it.

Those were the days, much less complex and cars were the world to us.

“We need a sedan to go to the drive in tonight!”

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