Toppers Tuesday

I had a big day today. I left at 7:00 am to go to the Corvette breakfast in the Valley. I promised Chip, my old college buddy that I would show up at his gathering. After getting lost, I finally made it to the restaurant for some ham and eggs. Great time and very nice people. I love meeting new people who have a sincere interest in automobiles. After a big breakfast and a lot of talk I headed to Frantic Freds to see what he has been up to since he returned from Louisville. He is really busy but stopped, had a cup of coffee and brought me up to date on his travels.

It seems the old delivery has had another accident. A tree fell on the top and caused some damage. Fred is and expert on fixing damage and keeps George busy painting his cars. His Chevy hardtop is looking good with its new Garnet red paint job by George. Time was running out so I jumped in the truck and headed for Toppers.

Big crowd today and lots of BS. I passed on lunch as the ham was not going down too well. I drank a lot of lemonade and things got better. The topic of what suspension I should install under the delivery was discussed and as usual the best ride, handling and all the other positives of an IFS keep weighing on my mind. I am just not one to cut up the frame for the IFS. My neighbors delivery rode very well with the solid axle and looked like it is supposed to. I came home and ordered an axle from Fast Freddy. I spent the rest of the day doing body work on the rear fenders.

Another good friend, Frank, dropped by and dropped off a disc of P-Town 09. Thanks Frank. This is what you will see today…

Stay Tooned!



Rare 36 sedan delivery. Basic Black with Tacoma cream wheels. Sits just right for me.


Rear shot showing bumper similar to the Deuce. Access is easy with these…but!


Beautiful 5 window coupe that I shoot every year. Frank and I have similar taste in cars. He has two five windows, one being a hiboy. Watch for a feature soon.


Resto roadster with the favorite color of the 70’s…Apple Green wires.


According to Chuck you need the blower to make the flathead seem like a Chevy. Now there is a thought for my delivery.


Deuce Doings. There is never a shortage of Deuces at P-Town.


Forty Ford coupes are very popular with hot rodders. You can just drive them and have fun. Dropped axle or mono leaf for a little rake and you have a perfect never out of style hot rod. Think about it. Are those Mercury wheels and caps?


Maroon example looks good also. WW’s are a must on 40’s. The delivery will get WW Firestones 820’s and 560’s. No red wheels.


Mariani’s perfect pair. George spent a lot of time right here. I was talking to him on his cell while he was drooling over the Brizio built cars. The Mariani family has quite a collection of Brizio built cars plus some B’Ville racers….265 mph in a 34 roadster. WOW!

Today’s ride…dreaming.


I am not sure why Frank took this picture but I think maybe because it was a five window coupe.?? NAW!

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