Toppers Tuesday

I have been busy and finally have a little time to sit down and write. I am sure all of you are up to date on the sale of Nick’s Woodies. Big money for great cars. I hated to see them sold but life goes on. Nick did a wonderful job of building his collection and I am sure still has a few for his ranch.

My good friend Gary, sent me some photos of his 37 Woody he just finished. This is a beautiful car that started with a pile of parts he purchased locally. A long time coming but worth the effort. Tom also sent in a nice photo of a 36 Woody that has come on the market. Maybe the RM Auction will help the market a little as it has been soft during the downturn.

I finished up the deal on my sedan delivery and now have all the parts to complete. Andre has owned the car from the late 60’s and just never had the time to complete it. I am very happy to have the car and hope I can finish it quicker. Sometimes cars just take a long time . It is not the money but more the time to do a nice restoration. If you farm it out it goes faster but not always. Doing your own work is very gratifying. Standing back with a cold one and admiring your work is hard to beat.

The last thought for today is: Having too many projects causes delays, reduces focus and often times leads to non-productivity.
I think this is my case so something has to go to make room for the new project.

Congratulations to Tom Walsh and the Mariani Cars for setting new records at B’ville. Now you can relax for P’Town. I will not be going this year.


Gary’s in process 37. He always installs the 40 heater in his cars. I think they look great, especially in a Woody.


Gary is know for his detail work. Look at the engine, wiring etc. Yes, that is a Heidts front end on this car. Gary’s first.


Understated engine compartment really tells Gary’s story. Detail, detail, detail.


The front seat was made by Ace High but the rear one is a Glide. Note new wood and finished varnish. Gary spent hours sanding and painting.


Front seat hand made.


The finished product is sitting in his driveway ready to go to P’Town Friday. Enjoy the show. You have earned it.


Stewart had his 40 SD dash and moldings woodgarined using a vinyl film. I like it. This will be the world’s fastest flathead powered sedan delivery.

Today’s ride….stalled project…too many other cars ahead of this one.


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