Toppers Tuesday

Today is actually Wednesday and I am a little late in writing this blog. When you focus on getting something done, like the shock brackets, time goes by and I was just too tired to write. I feel fine today and I am off to the metal store for some more supplies. I seem to go to IMS once a week and see what deals that have available. I am finishing up the brackets and the housings for final welding. My wife is leaving for the next few days so I should make some good progress. I don’t have any more new pictures so enjoy the old ones…

Stay Tooned!



Initial shock bracket patterns ready for the bandsaw I don’t have. I used a chop saw, die grinder and belt sander.


Welding the brackets together. I use a vise to keep parts square while tacking.


Here is the side view while in the vise. One side is tacked prior to flipping bracket.


Bottom view showing wrench access and shock stud.


Front view polished up with shock stud mounted. More holes will be drilled later.


Side view showing holes and detail of bracket. Final welding will be done after trail fitting.


Here is George’s fine 3 window that just went to the top of Pikes Peak and down without any problems…14,000 feet elevation.


My neighbor Terry’s 41 delivery built by Gary, modified by Fred. This is in my driveway when he first purchased it from Alan.

Today’s ride…really was mine.


Deuce phaeton built by Steve while in the LA roadsters. He had the car twenty years and I traded him for my 40 convert for the car. He still has the convert and the phaeton is in Orange County.

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